Inverted fonts not working?

So I followed Bradtc’s masked font tutorial but somehow my watchface doesn’t seem to work when I sync it to my watch. In the preview screen it’s totally normal but when I sync it the clock disappears, leaving only the background image and black masks:

I’ve also noticed another watchface with the same issue from 4 years ago:
It’s perfectly fine in the preview but once I sync it, it only shows 4 rectangles which I assume are the background images.

So are inverted fonts broken? I really don’t wanna go the long way of turning my font into png images then assign them to each hour, minutes because that’d take forever. Any help would be much appreciated.

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It may be that your watch doesn’t like that exact font you used. I used the Go Bold inverse font in some of my watchfaces and it works fine on my Fossil Carlyle test watch. Plus, I have used it in several other watchfaces of that style and have had no complaints from anyone about the time not displaying. You can check out this version I did with the time numbers filling up with Google colors as the time progresses here: MAG 1857 Inspection is open if you want to poke around inside.


Thanks. It seems like my watch just don’t like the font. Quite a bummer since I’ve spent a few hours figuring out how to make custom fonts only for it not to work. Guess I’ll have go the PNG way since I really wanna use that font.


I have done it the .png way before also and I agree I prefer the reversed font method. Sadly, there are a few that I have wanted to do that even the reverse font can’t do so I have to keep the .png method crib notes handy!


Welcome @sushicat311 Sadly All Fonts do not work on sll watches. Stick with the MAGic formula, that is best. Because you chose a sensible Title for the topic you will see others join in as well.