Is this possible to make? Date/Day indicator on different location based on month & day of the week

Hi, Just wondering if this idea is possible to make in Facer (im a graphic designer and poor at coding)

1st Question:

Is it possible to make the date “moves” around the watch, 1= january; 2=february; … 6=june… 10=october… 12= december. See the following example:
VYRON classic minimal (VYRON classic minimal - Apps on Galaxy Store)
Also as drawn on attached picture.

2nd Question:

Is the same possible for day of the week -show the day without words… using an heptagon as per attached picture in RED.

Much appreciated if anyone can help in making this possible…


Hello. Yes it is possible in multiple ways (not that I liked it).


Well Welcome @nikgadafi . Most People are satisfied to put a picture into the background of one of the Basic Facer Templates for their Debut Face . You want to start where most decide they have Learnt enough . I don’t know if Peter @petruuccios is working on this for you but I must tell you He is the Master . I suspect he is waiting for some response from you . A lot of these requests are just lost in the Wind .
If you are still there . I would begin by preparing the 7 HEPTAGON images centred in the Frame ( Square ) . The image should be a PNG with a transparent background . But as you are a Graphics waller you Know all that .

The code is very complex however it can be simplified by Having it on different tags .
If Peter does not get there first I will try to help if you do some of the ground work . You can post your test images here . They must be .png and 640x640 guarantees they do not get converted to .jpg by the Bot ( Marvin ) .

Thinking about it one image would be enough .

I think the reason Peter says he is not Keen . You will find that these faces are not so popular but a great learning curve .


This is just to show I am looking at it . If any one else wants to play . It could be a Coding Challenge .

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This is the easy bit .

Rotate your Heptagon with


Are you sure you want January at 12 .

Inspectable Draft .
Now you have to work out how the time machine works .
Sorry it is a bit scrappy I am off to bed.

See December is at 12 this is because that is easiest .
We can make it more complicated if you wish .


very interesting.
for for this coding is new territory.
I understand very little about that.


This would be right up @bradtc and @ThaMattie streets, definitely similar style to what we’ve seen before, just different shapes and equations :thinking:


I got curious, and this is how I would do it.

A single “date frame” blue heptagon with one side in red, rotating based on the day of the week, and then orbiting around the face. Plus the date digits centered in the date from, also orbiting around the face.

The date frame’s X/Y coordinates are per below, where 134 is the orbit radius in pixels (measured from the center of the face to the center of the heptagon):

Next the date digits, same as above, but adding an 8 pixel offset to the Y coordinate to account for the text element’s Y position being at its base not its center:

My orbiting formulas are based on my description here: How is this done...? - #12 by kourosh


Sorry, I did not want to make it sound like I did not want to help, I rather wanted to say its looks is not of my preference
Please inspect this example:


Looks like everyone’s got it covered :wink:


Yeah, you guys are amazing. I guess impossible is not in your vocabulary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha Ha . Tom . If you have been around for a Couple of years some stuff rubs off . All I can say is Thank God for Copy and Paste . We are all riding along on the Shoulders of Giants . I have hinted at a formula for the Moons inclination and Equinox and Solstice markers but I know that is a bit Advanced . I know I could not do it on my own . I might just do a Direct Topic one day . Just hinting at the moment .

While we are on the subject of Genius .
@ThaMattie Posted these


I find this the simplest place to start your Orbiting Tests .

#DWFHS# is an invaluable simulator as you just play with the slider in the time machine to sim 0-360 degrees . Then you can start playing with the Tags.


Teach me Sifu :slight_smile: .

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Sorry, I made a mistake on the visual. Yeah December at 12 is fine. so 1 is January.

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Wow! that looks like what i wanted it to be, thank you very much. No need to say sorry, you’ve basically solved my problem and took the time to make it a reality.
I don’t think i need the mon, tue, wording as its not really legible. I will just use simple lines.

Il review your code in inspector mode to learn more about it :slight_smile:


Wow! Thank you @kourosh for your time in making it possible & @petruuccios as well. I am far too amateur in coding for watchfaces or math for that matter, so this is very helpful. Much appreciated.

My watchface account is actually Nik M - watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer , but for some reason i can’t login to the community facer with that account, so i have to create another one with different email. Already send email to admin, but just have to wait awhile for a reply. Once the design is done il upload it there.


So you have some stuff there to play with . Get back if you need more help . I see from the Profile you have posted now that you have already Posted your Debut Face . Some nice work there . The difference is the graphics . If you have that First you can just Copy and Paste the Invisible stuff. I like your cracked Drivers analogue Face . I wonder if that was your first Publication . Forgive me for making assumptions the profile from you Avatar here showed you had published nothing yet.

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No worries @russellcresser. Yeah my actual account is the NikM, I’ll definitely need more help in the future :slight_smile: and will post them if it’s not in the resources section.

Yes, my works are mainly graphics, it’s just a hobby and i just make them when i’m free. When you said “If you have that First you can just Copy and Paste the Invisible stuff” im assuming you are referring to the coding. My first publication is Mickey (5-6 years ago), just a better version of what was available at the time, graphic-wise that is. cracked drivers/ broken classic:eternal was also made during similar time as well.


Yeah I started a Mickey one . I see some with eyes rolling , pants Jiggling and Foot Tapping . Where do you go from there . Do something else I reckon . Yeah Invisible under the Hood . For some that is the main thing . I am a Technician really but did go to Design School . Still Happier with something that Works .
I bet your Mickey got a few Syncs over the Years .

Looking forward to seeing your HeptoGraph Face .ZA

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Sorry, late to the party. Great solutions all around guys! :clap::clap::clap::clap: