[KNOWN ISSUE] Sporadic Facer freeze on Samsung smartwatches (Tizen based only)

It’s hard to say, but until the Tizen/Facer update arrives and the problem is resolved, I’m forced to ignore the Facer because the user experience is so bad right now. And this is my main platform …

Interestingly Facer is now freezing on my 5th gen Fossil Carlyle. The time continued to work correctly and it would still light up, but the weather, step count, and especially the battery level stopped updating. I was showing 44% battery when it was really only 10%. Just what is going on here @Facer_Official ?

Hi. Experiencing this issue became more and more annoying last days. Facer freezes frequently on my GWatch 46mm. Tizen Hoping for an update soon

I have the Galaxy 46mm too, but I’m still running Tizen and have no problems

Lucky You

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I wish I could put my Galaxy Watch on, but I bought it last month and setting it up it updated to It’s not as glitchy as my Active 2 was, but it’s not as stable as my Gear S3 Frontier is.

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A question that comes on my mind is - why no other watch face apps have issues working on Tizen 5.5? What’s different about Facer that makes this issue appear only with it?


Anything new??

Well I’m glad to see I am not the only one having the issue for over a year now, sad to see there is no resolution as of yet.

I also take this opportunity to say that I can no longer use Facer on my GalaxyWatch since several weeks. Hope fix soon , my subscription is no longer usable :frowning:

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i haven’t experienced this on my Samsung watch yet.

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Maybe you’re still running on the old software version like me. There’s an update available for me, but I’m scared to use it :joy:

I also got an update. I installed it & it still says version, but so far for about 1/2 hr now, it is not having any delays. Knock on wood. :+1:

Nine is still running :grin:

I had the update today but Facer is still struggling :sleepy:

Well, after 24 hours, I can say that the new bug fix release is certainly a much needed improvement. It still causes Facer to freeze, but much much less frequently. I’d say it’s about 75% there. More work needs to be done though. @Facer_Official, will you still need a dump of the freezing under this new release? Thank you of you had any input on this release by Samsung. :+1:


Greetings. @Facer_Official
Facer is still having really bad performance issues after some time on Active2 using
It’s pretty slow generally aswell. Not sure I would describe it as freezing but it (and the whole watch) gets slower and slower untill it feels like its running on a i486 :frowning:

Really hope this gets resolved soon since Facer is really neat and I just wish it would run well.


Hi guys - Thank you for your patience. We finally have an update on this front. We have just released version 5.1.35 of the Facer companion app, which is now available for users on Android phones (should be available early next week for iPhone users).

If you are experiencing the performance issues (freezing/lagging) described in this thread, please install this new version (5.1.35) and toggle “Always-On Mode” to on. After doing this, we’d love to hear from you about how things are running after the update.

Thank you!
-The Facer Team


Fantastic! Installed and will test for a while & update you. :beer:


In the morning i have got a patch for Tizen, and its looks fine… Tizen version still 5501 but the facer is working fine now… oooops Galaxy Watch and Galaxy S21… have nice weekend friends!

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