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Learning sequence


Next thing to learn is how to make a sequence.

I searched around and found posts about this subject.

What I learned till now is:

  • one can insert images, max. 25
  • one can insert GIF, also max. 25
  • free online tools can help to ‘open up’ a GIF to lower the numer of images so the GIF is accepted
  • one can run more gifs in a row. I suppose when your own images exceed 25, then put them into multiple GIFS?)
  • sequence can be started with: syncing (difficult), wake, and max. 6 VAR
  • I tried a serie of images: ok
  • same with a downloaded GIF
  • I inspected some watches from other posts

My questions:

  • starting sequence via a VAR: is it the intention to click a button, or more to start when this or that variable is X or Y?
  • correct that to check your sequence in creator, you must go to ‘preview’ and (ex.) wake the watch?
    In what situation is it usefull to wake wita a VAR?
  • I saw a topic about moving an object, kind of how-to.
    With a long (and for me) difficult explanation about splitting up frames.

Can someone explain in an easier (shorter) way how it’s done, in general? :smiling_face:
If there are more methods which one you find the best?

pizza margarita and me being emotional:


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It seems there are a lot of questions there . Inspect this and get back . You have one thing for sure . If you want o run Sequences sequentially you have to use #DWE# ( On Wake ) it is not possible to get them to work with Trigger on Sync.

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from the help doc:
#DWE# = Time elapsed since last watch face view (in seconds with 0.01 parts)

What do the mean by ‘last watch face view’? period between waking the watch?
When is it used or usefull?

I see the codes for you space chimp. Since I don’t understand the starting point (#DWE#), the codes are cloudy. Possible to explain in words (instead of codes) or fill in an example and the output value? So I can understand what’s happening behind the code.
Sorry, I’m asking a lot, I know :roll_eyes:









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Yeah. #DWE# is a timer that starts when the Displsy on your waych waks fom sleep or AOD. It is the most poupulsr as the other does not work as well. I am supposed to be doing some Paid work so I must get on. Pkay with tge Formulas for the Monkey. Copy and Paste them. You wil see the x and y are about scrolling him across tge screen st an angle. While the size changes width ang height to giv tge impresion he id approaching you. I have other stuff with sequential sequences. Later.

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I have been playing around with the numbers.

Is this correct?

How can I make the car stop after his wheel crashed off? (end of picture sequence).
I cannot find the brake.

Bye Nico

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Yeah @nicoclaessens99 I don’t get the -3 . Dump that for now.


320 is the length of the Item you are scrolling . in your sae the distance you want the car to travel .

160 is the start position .You are already at -320
*20 is basically the speed .
Play with these numbers to get a feeling for them .

As for stopping the car I would use another layer with interpAccelDecel(current, min, max) but that is beyond this scope at the moment .

Run a gif of the car burning after dismissing the moving car with Opacity timed by #DWE# . if you place a short gif of the car on fire on your WIP . I can Sort the Formula Later .
Or better post your Car Gif here .
I have just looked at your gif the flame is not flickering . I know someone who can sort that out .

I speak Flemish, French, some German and not too bad English, but this is Chinese for me :upside_down_face:

you mean, work with 2 seperate GIFS, one of the moving car (that disappears) and then a gif of the burning?

I just made a quick serie of drawings, flame is just one image.

WIP stands for?

I don’t have a gif, only loose images, maybe I can try making it into a gif (no experience at all, only know gif from playing it)

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WIP. Work In Progress. Oh I see well make yourself a Sequence on Facer/Creator with two or three images of the car stopped flame flickering if possible.

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Here are 5 burning Cars to play with .

car flame 5
car flame 4
car flame 3
car flame 2
car flame 1

Because we can not disappear Sequences with Opacity we have to send them off the display and replace them with another.
After a while the Language problems will go away because we will be talking Facer only .

So I made a test . You might see how it works better like that . I assume you know how to inspect a Draft . Click on the Title then the Little Rocket on the Left . Sorry you will see my burning Gif Boiling a bit and a different size . You can do better than that .

Thanks! :+1:

I was just making some more smoke.


This is the race-gif


I then make 2 sequences.
Throw the race off-scree.
Put the inferno on-screen.
Will try that tomorrow!

ps: the only limit on sequences is being to heavy for the watch?

Thanks again, it’s really really helpfull.

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Your Gifs are Small . When you do this sort of thing .Just make sure all your Images and Gifs do not exceed 2 MB .

Small but the maximum is 25 images?
I used an online gifmaker. With copying frames, smoothening transitions etc. Result is a nice gif, but not accepted.

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Shame . Yes the limit is 25 Images . I go for 24 to be safe . Try post the Gif here . I use EZGif .

I already put them here above. Or do you need a downloadable link or so?

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Yeah I already put them in the WIP test.

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For every thing I learn, I have another 10 questions.
Sorry for that. Sew me, or send me a bill :wink:

  • Screen under: How comes the position of the car is on screen, but the output value of X is 30165,… ?

  • I can’t make the 2 sequences to follow up each other in time smoothly, and stop at the end of sequence 2.

sequence 1
0.00s → 3.60s: start race till brutal accident (car goes offscreen)

sequence 2
3.60s → end: fire comes on screen and plays till the end. (and stops)

In your car crash: loop is on for the fire sequence.
Without looping, I would expect the sequence to play 1 time and then stops.
But it only shows the last image.
→ I’m I correct that after wake the 2 sequences start (race on screen, fire offscreen)
And with loop on, I’m looking at the maybe 2e loop of the fire?
And if I switch off loop, I only get see the image at that specific time in the loop.
I then can play with duration of the loop to approx. show the fire at the right moment, but speed is not correct.

Is there a way to start the 2e sequence, for the first time, when the 1e sequence ends?

  • no hundreds of seconds in time machine possible?

  • Is there a way of resizing the layer-properties part of the screen (to avoid having to scroll in codes all the time to read them?)

(excuse me for not being able to shorten my text, in my native language I could (i suppose :roll_eyes:))

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Yeah Lots of questions there . When I am testing I have a text layer with #DWE# or what ever timer I am using . When you stop the time Machine you have a reading of Milliseconds elapsed . Check that both your Sequences are Triggered on Wake .
You get silly numbers from multiplying #DWE# by anything . It does not reset till the watch wakes up .
More later.

So on the Test I made I had The rigger on Sync for the Burning Sequence . My Mistake Sorry . That may have had some impact on some displays .
Yes the Car keeps on moving virtually off screen , off to Infinity if you keep your watch on that long . Most do not bother but we can do something about that if it is a problem . If you are making something getting bigger after it goes off screen some time it gets so big it comes back into View .

Your Test Looks good if you are making the images you have a Wheel gone missing in one of your Burning frames and the driving sequence needs looking at there is a frame out of place I think . I would not have the Burning sequence as long as 5 seconds . 1.5 looks good.

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Drop the First frame of you Crash Sequence ( it has no wheel ) and make the Race Sequence last 3.5 seconds .

I understand now about catching the Crash sequence at the correct timing . That is very difficult and not worth the effort. So you can have a Generic flickering fame as I did that is not problematic when it starts and The BLAM Image could be just an image Switched on some time after 3.6 sec and flashed at any rate you like .
I would love to see you sort the Formula for that yourself but if you get stuck I can plant an example on my Test Later . Today Is a work day for me I am afraid .

Check out my Test .

Think it’s good now.
Maybe I’m overlooking but where do I find the milli-seconds?

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