Leaving Facer - clock doesn't update


Suddenly my facer watchfaces are freezing during the day - not sure if all functions are freezing but the time certainly is. Yesterday at lunch time my watch said it was 8:54am. I can’t use a system that doesn’t tell me the time. Last weekend I used a Samsung watchface and it worked fine. I can’t keep designing watchfaces that won’t work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my phone app and my watch app and it still doesn’t work.

I’m about done with this.


Before you leave you should contact @Facer_Official and let them know the issues you are having. It may be caused by a recent update and they don’t know about it yet. You can inform them of your issues at Facer Help Request: https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/requests/new or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com

What watch are you using Amy?

I’m going to go out on a limb here. She said she was using a Samsung face and the watch didn’t act up. I would bet it’s an Active 2 like in another thread ( Watch face freezes ) that I was commenting in also. I have an Active 2 also and sometimes Facer freezes, but I can get it back by changing to a Samsung face then switching back to Facer after a minute or so. I’m “guessing” that the Facer app is freezing on the Active 2 for some reason and changing faces will make it restart again. It’s looking like @Facer_Official needs to take a look on how their app functions with the Active 2 watches.

Hi all,

We’ve received a few complaints about this recently and it appears to be related to a firmware update pushed by Samsung on some watches in the past few weeks. Our engineering team is actively investigating this and working with Samsung to find a fix. We’ll keep you posted when we have more info! Thanks for your patience!

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Thank you I have an active 2(0793) with the Facer freezing issue - I beleive that I am uotodate on software right now
Model #RFAM91R1JWK
One UI Watch Version 1.5
Tizen Version
Software version R820XXU1BTG1

All -

I have a 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch Model - number SM-R810.

If you need more info about the watch, let me know (and how to find it ; ))


@auser820 Could you send us an example of a watch face that is freezing for you?

I’d be happy to… Could you tell me the format you’d like me to send the face to you in… just the name of the face or some link to it or a picture? Sorry not as advanced as I’d like to be.


Same here. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy watch 46mm (SM-R800) with Tizen and Firmware R800XXU1DTG1.
I was using “AMORE +” from MIKEOB designer. I’d tried with “FASTER - Scuderia G399” from GRR designer and have de m the same issue.
I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9, I don’t know if it can be important or not, but…

I’d you need more information or do some test, don’t hesitate to contact me

Hi there,

I managed to capture a picture of the issue. Not sure if this will helps but…

This watchface is one I built and published called Weather Cast 2.


That right it doesn’t work like before