Likely futile charting rant (top 100 and others like it)

How on earth do faces like this get in the charts? I mean, the second hand isn’t in the right place, the hands of the original art work that was stolen to make it are still visible. Just crazy.

How do misrepresentations like this get right to the top of the chart, and stay there for weeks -

…and this one.

I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the charts, but do recognize that getting a face in there, causes a blip in syncs, so is obviously a way to get your face out there in public. The system for getting in there though must be so rudimentary that it bypasses any quality control whatsoever.

This looks bad for Facer, and is a punch in the face for people who actually put time and effort into producing an honest product.

Rant over, back to slumber mode. :expressionless:


I wonder these things also, but I am also of the opinion that it will bite them in the rear someday.


lmao the second hand hahahaha

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I love the design of stationary hands below actually-rotating hands. Now if someone steals that watch face off your watch, they’ll never know which is which!
This plan is so cunning it would be a fox if you stick a tail on it!

Total craziness for sure…and where are my designs? Bottom 99.000s I bet :rofl::joy:


haha! That seconds hand! And it’s not just the seconds hand. The original hands from the photo of the watch he took it from are still there fixed in place!! Not a single function of the watch works, what the hell is the point? Simple answer though for why it’s in the charts is because people don’t know any better and are drawn to brand names. Same reason Rolex knock-offs always make it high into the charts. That Breitling is just about the laziest knock-off I’ve ever seen. But still the charts are based on syncs and probably everyone who says “ooh I’ve heard of that brand” was just as lazy as the guy who made it and synced it before noticing how stupidly awful it was made.

The others… who can account for taste. there are always a lot of faces in the top50 that I wonder why is this or that style popular. Though neither of these 2 here are my style, BA makes some great faces and he’s got a ton of followers so naturally if he puts out a new face it’s going to get a lot of syncs simply by virtue of a lot of people knowing it’s out there.

Sometimes better dont know how the things are works. you wont be sad ;-)))) But this type of “effects” piss me off… why i working at all?

Just to be clear, it wasn’t about the appearance of BA’s faces. I agree that he does excellent work. It was the fact of labelling a face with functionality it doesn’t have and claiming to be a premium face which it is not.


I think the Breitling is intended to be a joke.

Maybe. Whether that’s the intention or not, it just shows that the whole thing is a joke. Anyone who claims that good design has anything to do with it is delusional. Mind you, I feel the same about music charts. How some of that stuff is popular, I’ll never know.


I didn’t even notice that… but yeah… a lot of times people will offer a free version of a premium face, but of course it has to be stripped of all interactivity functions or it can’t be free.

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Why do some people wear skinny jeans? I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in them. But that doesn’t make them any less popular. Humans are extremely fickle creatures and love to be told what to like. Even though they would never admit that out loud. Also, they love to like things they think presents a look or helps them appear as though they are something they probably are anything but. In the end it’s all about when I see that face am I like,“oh sh** that’s pimp”, or am I like “Ehhh”. It’s extremely difficult to explain personal choice, attraction to females is no different. Some dudes like or are attracted to strange things in women. Me included to be honest. I’d assume there’s more younger people on Facer, idk for sure just guessing. Kids couldn’t tell you why they like what they do like. I couldn’t when I was probably 18 or younger!

The best explanation for you i think is that Human Beings are insanely strange animals. That rely on instinct for many non-instinctual things since we no longer use it for it’s intended purpose!

That was a lot of words for pretty much no answer at all…:thinking::joy: I should’ve just said, IDK I guess…:man_shrugging:

I’d have to agree about the second hand watch. It’s to out of place to not be intentional. But what the hell do i know!