Looking for a reminder face

That has a reminder for events and calendar appointments anyone ?

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I have several here in my Interactive collection, but you have to have Facer Premium to use any of them.

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hello sorry, i’m also looking for a watchface with reminders on the desk, i can’t see a face like this on your page. You know if it’s possible to create it? thank you

If you follow the above link, every face with the link to the reminders app is listed in the description. MAG 2060, MAG 2054, MAG 2048, MAG 2042, MAG 2040 plus a lot more have the reminders app link. None of mine have the reminder itself showing on the face. That takes a special customizable element that I have not had any success using as of yet.

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Tgank a thousand thanks! so are you telling me maybe there is a way to make a face with reminders? can you tell me if there is an option on facer PRO? I would like to create a face like this (old Q wander gen 2). thanks again

Yes you have to use the Customizable Complications. After it is in the watch face you have to make the final settings for it in the watch itself since its customizable by the end user.



thank you very much!! i will try:-)

UPDATE: i’m checking on Facer and with customizable complication i have only this options: battery, steps, sunrise/sunset and date. How i can add the appointment reminders? thanks again for your help i’m newbe in this world, i’m good with this, but i’m still learning

I think facer does not have functions to show the next event on display itself. But If Pro creator use calendar app launcher on display, then user can tap on it and check the event - which is just a TAP away.

Those are just more or less a placeholder and the end user, be it you or someone else, sets the link and display to what they want. You are just making it possible to be set in the watch face on the user’s watch.

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Done!!! it works!! Thank you very much for your help!
This is my first watchface :slight_smile:

If you like, you can find here Arianna - Basic Essential (ita) - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

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