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My Ladies Watch Background Moon Stone

Hi .
I have Persuaded My Wife to have a Smartwatch for her 70th .
You will perhaps guess her eye sight is worse than mine.
I am very pleased with the flickering on this one generated by the accelerometer.
That Expression just seems to work better and better on facer these days.
If anyone is more than interested I will post the two Images here after scaling them down a bit.

The help I need Please is for a couple of Images of Moon Stone. I have not the time to generate them In Gimp. I think the pink and blue flip is going to be best .

In any event some one might be interested in how far I have got.

Be aware this is WIP it will change.

How do you post a preview with an image I don’t seem to be able to manage it despite trying different links.

Thanks in anticipation.

I found out by deleting the unnecessary on the link the preview shows.

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After reading everything, I honestly couldn’t fully understand,
what you wanted to explain … @russellcresser
Please to be able to give you a help …
You can explain it in more detail … your comment please … :slightly_smiling_face: :writing_hand:

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@cardozo198013 thanks for your response . Always there.
Looking for 2 images that would make a good shimmering Moon Stone background to a watch.
Something like this .

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Well perfect with all the pleasure I will help you !!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
How lucky you are :wink:
My lady works with bracelets with stones :ok_hand:

I in my house, I have a couple of those stones. Later I will take a couple of photos and show them to you and tell me if you like it …:slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Cordially @russellcresser

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Oh wow . Fantastic .
Here are the two pictures I use to make the Opal Background.
I fade between the two with data from the accelerometer as you may see above but only on the app.

A little off center but the transision is a bit random.

I pic of the kind of thing I am looking for.


I am doing a bit on GIMP to remove the blue and replace it with the Pinky Orange.
I have a programme where I can remove the reflection of the studio Lights.

I am very Excited to collaborate with you on this Face.

Russell : )

I will not rotate the image in this case.

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Moonstone 01


Oh wow . Those are Absolutely Beautiful . Those are going on a face . I was looking for something a bit more Moon Stone looking. Thanks for Being there as Always : )

Stone Set in the watch .
So I see you don’t post the whole link in View.
Only up to the ?
Learn something every day.

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I just created a Moon gif that rotates around the 8 Moon Phases, if anyone could edit out the slight black edge that pops up, that would be much appreciated please -
Moon Phases Gif


In 7 hours … I will arrive at my house … and then I will take the photos that I promised you😉


Please do not sweat this. It is a WIP and the birthday is a couple of weeks away.
I am absolutely delighted with the response you guys are giving this.
: )


We all have different paths and methods to create unique ideas :smiley:

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I would make a mask for that or send all the images .
I have some little bezels but you can make those .

For Example.

Sorry they got converted Too big for this Platform.
If you are inserted I will send them at 720.

: )

I already have plenty of Bezels/Rings thank you my friend :grinning:

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This Thread is to sort your Moon Stone business out anyway :joy:

I see the IMAGE is a GIF . I have done no work on them . As you know I am into Live Action. A nice Bezel will look great. If you want to go for the 28 Image Moon thing I will happily send you the files. If you want to make a bit of Bloat Ware.
: )

It seems in this case what I need is a White and Transparent Crystal Image Mask .
I can choreograph the the coloured spots in the programs I use.
Your may see I tried to edit out the Studio Light but the Platforms I have and my lack of skills do not allow me to do that successfully.
: )


Not my cup of tea, as the phrase goes, but it’s neat, tidy, and looks ok my friend

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It looks very good @russellcresser the design !!!
here I send you a file … see if it works for you


Very neat thanks.