Need help with image animation calculation or expression

Hi guys, I’m trying to make an image to go from left to right, for example, going from “X Position” 0 to position 300 and then start again from 0 to 300 continually. I know how to make it goes from left to right and right to left and swing like that but, I want to make it from 0 to 300 and then disappears, go to 0 and move visible to 300. I know how to calculate the opacity to go to 0 when it is moving to “X Position” 300 to 0 and opacity 100 from 0 to 300 but, I’m looking to see if an easy calculation or expression that does the trick without the messing with opacity. The reason is that after a while, the opacity is not synchronizing with the movement and, then it will make the effect to look not as intended.

Sorry for a long explanation but, I want to be clear what is what I’m looking to achieve. Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi mate yes this is quite an easy one if you use the same code i use for most scroll effects and dont do the second part it will just travel the distance required then return to its start and run again

(0+(300 * (((0.118) * #DWE#)-(floor((0.118) * #DWE#)))))

Hope that helps

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You are amazing my friend! This is exactly what I was looking to do. I wish I can figure it out for myself but I’m still having trouble understanding expression and calculations. I really appreciate your help! :handshake::wink::v:

Sorry for another question @dazstacey … How do I choose a different point of ending? I’m trying to figure it out but the only one I found was the point of starting. I need in this case to go from “X Position” 110 to 210. I change the first number to 110 and it works but, I haven’t figured it out how to set the ending point to “X Positions” 210. After learning this one I can use it in different scenarios in the future. :wink:

(110+(300 * (((0.118) * #DWE#)-(floor((0.118) * #DWE#)))))

The 300 is the distance you want it to move so if you want it to stop at 210 the distance would be 100

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I’m so dumb!! :laughing::laughing::laughing: I tried changing 300 to 210 and because it was not correct I thought I was doing something wrong… I was! Now I can use this in other ideas I have. Thank you very much @dazstacey!

if you ever need to test out a formula to see the results just copy it into a text like thius

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Oh YES!! That’s a good idea! Thank you very much again @dazstacey! You are awesome!

never a problem if i can help i always will.

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I need to find a watch that has all the calculations setup with the Inspector Mode to understand better how expressions and calculations work. I work better with visuals. :laughing:


i am happy to open any of my collection up for inspection have a look and see if any of them might help

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Wow!!! Cool! I will take a look and let you know what I want to learn the most… Thank you very much @dazstacey! You are the best!

WOW! I’m amazed at your work!!! @dazstacey It blows my mind! I can believe you have all that works for free (except for a few)…

Do you think I can take a look at this 3? Those look amazing to learn. I will quickly copy the calculations I need to learn the most and I let you know very quick for you to close the Inspection Mode. If you feel uncomfortable to open those, just let me know any that you may want to share. You have to many amazing watches to be able to choose one or another. Let me know! :wink:

Done get learning lol.

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WOW! I did it as quick as possible and I copied all the calculations to my notes… Now I need to start playing with those to learn the concept. You can close those because I finish. Many of those calculations are extremely complicated for me but now, using text and image, I will see what they do and, I will be able to understand better what expression to use for different situations. I appreciate it this so much @dazstacey! :handshake::handshake::handshake:

PS: You should charge for all your work. I haven’t seen any other watches that match the complexity and beauty of your work. You deserve to get paid for it. :wink:

Thanks i enjoy making them

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Hi Dazz @dazstacey! I need to show you the watch I’m going to publish (2 in fact) with what I have learned from the information I gathered from you, my friend… A very unique concept that I haven’t seen on Facer but based entirely on the calculations I have learned from you. I’m going to wait to show you before publishing because I want you to feel the satisfaction of yourself in helping people. Let me know when you are available to take a look and I will post the links of the unpublished work here so you can take a pick first. Have a wonderful day my friend! :wave::smiley::wink:

i am on most of today mate

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So, just a little bit of a background of this concept. I’m a photographer so, the graphics were easy for me to do to make the Living Room as nice as possible with shades and all but, Wow!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I spend a lot of hours figuring out the most details of the animation. For example, the old man’s head moves separated from his body. His chair shadow is separated too. The TV (movie) was the most difficult of all the animation. The car move separated from the driver and him having a separated animation inside the car. Trees moving like he is driving forward was very difficult for me to find out how to do it even though it is the shortest calculation on the entire animation. :laughing: Also, I did some clouds, moving in the sky with a separated speed one of the other to make it look more real, even though in the watch display is hard to notice but, I was enjoying so much this work that I didn’t care if is hard to see or not because I just wanted the clouds animated. This work opens a lot of different ideas I’ll be making in the future, including, making one watch face with the TV movie animation as a complete watch face, because I took so many hours to make it, that I want a separated watch face for that particular animation and, because it will be bigger, I can incorporate other animations to that one too. So, I made 2 of the same concept because I wanted to share this to anyone that may like it but, if they can’t see the smaller clock of the first one, they can use then the other one and, it may be easier for them to see the time. I know many people may don’t appreciate the work too much because they don’t like a cartoon watch but, I don’t care much about that because it was mainly for me to learn the information I gathered from you. Please, let me know what do you think about this work with your experience. I hope you like it and have a wonderful day and, I thank you very much once more for helping me to achieve this watch face, that I will never in my life wouldn’t be able to make it if it’s wasn’t for you. :handshake::handshake::handshake::wink:

  1. The name of this one is: Grandpa’s Time
  1. The name of this one is: Grandpa’s Time Big Clock :laughing::wink:

Take a look @dazstacey! :wink: