New Face Published - Eternal Triangle

Here’s one I’ve made a variation of previously for the Watchmaker platform. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to code it properly in Facer so I’m very pleased that it was successful! There are a handful of very high end watch makers who have designs based on the mechanical complication of three hours wheels. I’ve always thought these were cool watches, but they’re all over $20,000 so I had to make my own :grin::grin::grin:

Many B Sharp designs get named for something that connects them to my day gig which is jazz guitar. Eternal Triangle is the title of a composition by the great sax player Sonny Stitt, I thought it was a good fit for this face :slight_smile:


always wish it was easier to zoom and preview, so here’s a better look. 100% original graphics made from scratch in Photoshop.

Very nice, but i have one suggestion for improvement. You should add shadows unter the three wheels to get more depth and 3D-look.

Thanks! the hour wheels are recessed into the base, they are flush with the dial so it wouldn’t make sense for the the shadows to be cast outside those openings. As you can see with the rest all the shadows are set to correspond with the respective height off the dial to achieve the depth illusion :slight_smile: ideally, on a large screen I’d have shadows cast from the cutout numbers onto the white background, but on the watch screen any shadow there only servers to reduce the clarity and readability of those numbers. So it’s one of those small compromises to serve function over style.

Ah, now i see…

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Hmmm… thinking about to build an own one… but with a different look, maybe with added illumination. Like the principle…

Outstanding work. I like this a lot. One question, and I’m not trying to nitpick, just curious as to why the minute dial doesn’t cover all 360 degrees?

I was irritated as well in the first moment but it makes sense in combination with the hour wheels.

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@kvansant: I think i should ask you for permission before: Would you mind if i create a watch face based on a similar mechanism?

@ircrotale thanks! 2 reasons, or 3 really… as I said in the post of the 1st of these. There are at least 5 or 6 real watches I can think of that use a complication similar to this. I’ve based mine on one of those variations. I prefer the markings not go the whole 360 so there’s more of an unobstructed window to the wheels and bridges below. And 3rd, because I like how the math works out for this way :slight_smile: it adds to the novelty of the complication.

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Well that’s thoughtful of you to ask but I don’t think you need my blessing. It’s certainly not my invention. Also I’m sure you’d put your own spin on it, our concepts are quite different.

I guess I have to say though to be honest this is one of the things I don’t like about having to provide all this free content for who knows how long before reaching designer partner status. I’ve been making faces for 2 years and have already established my brand in the watch face world, just not on Facer until now. I can’t compromise the characteristics that define and distinguish B Sharp and simply put out a bunch of mediocrity. So instead I am having to give away all these designs that I otherwise would be selling, and in the meantime perhaps someone already with designer status such as yourself can make a full featured premium version based on one of my ideas before I am able to do that myself. But I’m just not prepared to pay for pro creator options and put out my usual full featured designs for free so that Facer can monetize (through premium subscriptions) but I can not. This is also why I’m so annoyed by Facer’s inaction with that guy with all the featured stolen work of prohibited brands.

But, I respect your work and I know you’d make it your own and it would be great. I just don’t like the position that I’m in with regard to having to give all of my work away.

Thanks for the breakdown. I like it and I see now why it is done this way.

Thank you very much for the permission to recreate that face. The complication is really nice and i have never seen it before. I will try to make it different, with an own style although the basics will have to be as they are, which is a little bit limiting my variations at first sight.

Btw: I can understand your way of thinking and why you are frustrated. You are already established since 2 years On another platform and now have to give out watch faces for free to get the premium partner status probably somewhere in the future. But that are the rules in here. If you are lucky they will recognize your skills and the quality of your faces and speed up the process. But i can’t speak for them, it‘s their decision and their business.

That is exactly the reason why I do not subscribe to Pro Creator.
And I am by no way established as a face designer anywhere nor do I have the artistic/graphic skills that others here have. I am not into social media either so do not promote my work much (excluding posts on this forum).
Thus it is highly unlikely that I will ever become a Facer partner and I am fine with that.
The pro features will be nice to have although it is not significantly more than what is available free. Still frustrating that Facer works the way it does. Must be significantly more so for someone in @kvansant position.

For me an acceptable compromise or way to ease/progress the process “up the Facer ladder” will be if Facer allows Creator Pro subscribers to sell their designs to non-premium users, with a significant portion of the sale price going to Facer to cover their running costs. Providing prompt support shoulde be Included in the running cost.
This is a win-win in several ways to my mind.

@kvansant Out of curiosity, why do you want to move to Facer if you are already established on Watchmaker?

@mountain_lion. my only avenue for selling original work with the watchmaker app is by taking my watchmaker file, packaging it into an Android apk and selling that in Google Play. There are a lot of downsides to this, one it’s a pain in the ass to make the Google apk and jump through all the hoops to get it up on the store for every face. And iPhone users don’t even have access to these faces because they can only be downloaded and installed into a phone or tablet, not directly into the watch. The install essentially loads the face into the app on the phone. (The way watchmaker works all your saved or purchased faces are stored on your phone not in the cloud). You sync from the app to your watch.

I’ve been told that in-app sales are MUCH better than the trickle of Google play sales. But the developer hasn’t opened that door to any new designers for a couple of years. So I can’t sell in-app there. Apparently he’s got a fairly cumbersome system set up so it adds administrative hassle to him to have more designers on board. He’s also shifting all his energies into subscription based $$ which I guess works out well for him.

I only tried out Facer because of the Montblanc contest but decided if I won I would stick around for a while to see it was going to be a good alternative. I’m definitely warming to the creator and the Facer app and environment at large, but I’m also becoming dismayed at the lack of responsiveness and communication from the developer here which is rivaled only by the guy at Watchmaker!

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Well, you seem to have their attention… Maybe you can put in a good word for me!:grinning::grin:

Well, i don‘t think i have much influence at the process. Facer has rules you have to fullfill to get considered for the partner program. As far as i know there are no shortcuts possible.

well, I’ve seen how serious they are about their “rules”