Notifications & Emails (Followers, New Watch Faces, Syncs, Comments, etc.)

Hello There,

I don’t know, if this topic is only my problem, but I prepared an overview about the emails and notifications I get at the moment.

? means in my case, that I got this information in the past (or sometimes) but it doesn’t work right now.

Actually, I would have no problem to pass phone notifications, however if it it possible I would love to

  • get emails about the new watch faces from designers I am following, as well
  • emails about my new followers.

I get new follows and follow new design notifications on my phone. Can’t remember exactly where to find the settings though.

…I do even not remember exactly, it was a time period, when I got the notifications and now it’s gone again (without doing any settings). I think that with an email it could be easier to stay up to date :wink:

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I had to uninstall and reinstall the facer app on my phone for the notifications to start working again.

well… now I remember, that I was playing with the beta test version of the app ones (the new super animation engine) and maybe this was the time point where the notifications stops… anyway thanks a lot, I will try the new installation of the app :wink:

Hello @Facer_Official, I did re-install the app and I don’t get notifications (emails) about new watch faces from designers I am following. Could you please check it? Do I need to set something somewhere?

Hi all - we just found a bug that leads to users on Android 8+ not receiving most notifications. Fix deploying very shortly.
@Tomas - I imagine this is what you’re seeing!

@Facer_Official this could be the point - happy that you located the bug! Maybe the syncs will increase too, after you fix it :wink:

They should! Notifications are pretty important to a few key components of our system!
Quick question @Tomas - in this thread you said you were receiving sales notifications - has this still be been the case in the past few weeks?

FYI - bug is fixed and is going to be released worldwide by end of day today. The version is 4.5.18.

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Hi @Facer_Official, no, I got the sales notifications only per email in the last weeks, so far I remember.

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Sounds good. That would match our understanding of the problem. And the good news is that it should now be solved! Fix is rolling out as we speak.

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Hi @Facer_Official is seems all running well. I got already in the night more notifications as in the last three months together :wink: (like like like like…)


That’s great! Hope you like the likes :wink:

I do :+1: the :+1: