Okay ... i am a little bit frustrated


I am designing watch faces since 4 month now. My statistics in number of syncs and the increasing rate of follower are very good (Thanks to all of you!). Last time i was Top 1 of all designers, this time Second.

About 6-8 watch faces have been featured by the facer staff and made their way over the 3000 sync-border, beyond the 3 month limit. Some of them are even 5k an 10k in the meanwhile…

I don´t make clones, i do have my own style.

The last two weeks were disappointing.

No more features by the facer staff (even with fresh new designs). Syncing without beeing featured is working well, but far apart the value you get when you are on the Cover.

I asked for getting premium designer status already a couple of weeks ago - No answer. Not even a confirmation.

It´s not about selling watches, i want to reach this status as a appreciation of my work, my abilities.

I love facing, i am experienced in crafting and designing, willing to learn more and more, active in the community…

So what else do you need???

Would you please tell me what missing conditions i have to fullfill to get worthy in your eyes?


Phantasico aka GAUSS

Hi @phantastico,
I remember we had similar questions here: How to become a Premium Designer and sell your watch face designs on Facer
We started around the same time I believe - I too have a few hundred followers (even more on Twitter), 12 or so featured designs, multiple over 3,000 syncs and a couple around 10,000 syncs. I applied around the same time as you and haven’t heard back -Maybe they let people know if they’re successful or not every few months (or on cycles) or something? Even if I’m not successful, I’d love some feedback from Facer so I know what it takes to improve :slight_smile: I’ve slowed down my designs lately because I was hoping I’d eventually get access to premium features, but am not so sure now. There were some amazing pieces of advice here that might help Premium designer info

Don’t get frustrated and don’t give up though! It’s fun even if the drive isn’t to become a premium designer! It would be an amazing bonus though! :smiley:

Hi @GAUSS and @roycaruso,

Sorry for the slightly slower featuring frequency these past couple of weeks. There is a very good reason for it which we will announce next week. We’ve been working hard on a new feature that will drastically accelerate this process and make Facer more inclusive of all designers. Stay tuned!

Regarding the premium designer program, we hear you as well, and are also working on ways to open this more broadly, or at least accelerate the approval process. I can tell you that your efforts as well as the efforts of other designers on this platform aren’t going unnoticed. We see everything :wink:


Ah, big brother is watching us, lol.

Good to hear, that we are noticed. The problem with missing information is that we replace it with our thoughts.

Designers are important to you as human resources as they develop the figureheads for your ingenious software. And appreciation of any kind, or rewards for work done, is an important part of keeping people happy. It is not necessarily about money.

We invest Hundreds of hours for free to create watch faces.

You have great signage that will not cost you a penny, bring you a lot of traffic, advertise your software and its capabilities, develop it further, give feedback, debug for you …

All for free …

A few rewards are important, everyone knows that, otherwise people lose their desire and leave.

I do not know if it’s so good to expand the premium label too much, so you’ll oust the experienced old hands. Maybe better to create a staggering.

By the way, a competition would be a great idea from time to time …


Phantasico aka GAUSS


Thanks for the response @Facer_Official
Very intriguing! Great to hear.
‘We see everything’ -ominous music plays- haha also very nice to hear :slight_smile:



Seven hearts to you… @roycaruso


I heard the ominous music as well while reading this sentence.

And then they opened the box - with a humming sound, a chorus and a bright, not blending light…


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Haha the fun we have on Facer :joy::joy:

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