Opinion, and help needed

Dear magicians, use your special abilities and check the moonphase formula. Is that correct? What do you modified on this face?


I like it! I think it looks great. The moonphase as I see it in this live preview looks accurate. The only thing I would modify is the name since I already published a face called Stardust, including a new variant yesterday :slight_smile:

Nice looking watch @safesz. I like all the indicators and hands ( sunrise and sunset are they? ) etc.

A note about the name ( re @kvansant’s reply ) …

Although we might all prefer it if people did not use the same names that we are using, unless someone has been granted a trademark then you may well be safe to use it regardless. However, in this case, someone may already own “Stardust” as a trademark - at least their website states “Stardust TM” so they seem to be claiming that they own it.

So it might be best to change the name in case the trademark owner lodges a “take down” notice and your face is deleted.

OK… thnx for the replys… but… This watchface called stardust because of the “PROJECT STARDUST” aka Death Star (like the other variations of this face with the Death Star theme moon gaguge) not because i want to copy someone.

But… Stardust also a casino in Vegas, a Musician School, a rock band, a film, a type of texture, and soooo many more… i am full filled by this … TM thing, and the “i did first” thing. From now i will use just serial numbers on my faces… THNX anyway.

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Modified bcgr… hope its fine now…

Nice looking watch @safesz

THNX dude!

hey man, you can name it whatever you want (except Oyster :grin:). With tens of thousands of faces there’s bound to be overlap. I draw a lot of names from song titles, so my Stardust came from the Hoagie Carmichael tune. The website Mike linked to has the look of someone who just printed TM next to their name :slight_smile: We used to have something in music called a Poor Man’s Copyright, where you would mail yourself a print of your manuscript and then leave that envelope with the official date stamp sealed.

I was just making a joke, since you asked “what would you modify…” and since I had just published one with the same name…

Love the deathstar moonphase in the other one btw!

Good looking watch. I will check the moonphase formula on my Zenwatch3 tomorrow. :male_detective:
What about bigger size battery indicators font? :eyes:

HUH… thnx mate, i thought i go too far… you know when tooooo much “steam” in your head… anyway, i like your jobs because of the meticulous precision, and you gave me a lot of inspiration… and the deat star… star wars… “I have bad feeling about this…” meh, i am in this “world” since is come to hungary…

What city in Hungary are you in? I spend every summer in Budapest, but not this year because of Covid19 :frowning: I’m going to miss it, I love that city!

The name of my city is Komlo, near to Pecs. Small town… Budapest is wonderful, but too crowded for me :wink: And you? Where are you from?

I live in North Carolina in the US. My wife is Hungarian so that’s why we go every summer. Hopefully it will be possible again next year.

Than… welcome, and give my best wishes to your better half;-)

It is cool! good job!

Very beautiful face, but there is one thing that i don’t understand. How must i read Moon and Sun Hands?
I explain better. In Italy Sunset time is at 20.47 and in Hungary at 20.42 and the Moon hand points between 6(or 18) and 7 (or 19)
The same for sunrise that in Italy is at 05.40 and in Hungary 04.53 and the Sun hand points just after 7 (or 19)
So, which is the right way to read the hands?
Thanks for a reply

Hmmm, I just noticed, both sunrise and sunset hands are at 12 on my Fossil Gen 5.
What expression are you using?

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I have had some feedback on my faces that when that happens it may be due to the face not receiving weather information. Could it be the same on yours?

The watchface I’m building myself uses sunrise and sunset, and those work…
There are 2 sets of tags, looking at the example below, the bottom set shows blank on my Fossil:

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Mmm, that would seem a possible bug then - you would expect either all to would work or none…

Are you ok to send a report to support or I can if you prefer?