Phone Battery on Watchfaces Not Operating

The battery percent from my Galaxy S8 doesn’t regularly update on watchfaces. It will update for a little while then stop. It seems that when it stops, if I open the Facer app on my phone the watch will update my phone battery info.

This problem has been going on for quite some time now with no fix.

I have occasionally had a notification pop up in my notification bar saying that Facer is connected to my watch but then the notification goes away. It seems that if this notification would stay keeping the app running in the background the battery info might update regularly.

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Hi @aerajan!

What watch do you use? And does watch have Always-on enabled?


I use a Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier. No, I do not have the watch set to always on display.

Ok, that sounds similar to a bug that was reported to us where the phone battery doesn’t refresh consistently if the watch has always-on disabled. Can you try temporarily enabling it and see if it’s better?

We’re still looking for a fix to make sure the phone battery is consistently updated even if always-on is disbled.


Yes I will test it with always on enabled and report back after I have had enough time to confirm whether or not it is only an issue with the watch screen off.

After testing a few different watch faces they all seem to be updating the phone battery percentage with Always On enabled so it does only appear to be a bug/issue when the watch screen is off.

Even though Facer is my preferred app of choice it is interesting to note the the Watchmaker app has no issues with the phone battery percent although that app does have other issues.

Thanks for the confirmation. We’re evaluating a few different fixes for this and hopefully get something out there soon!


Ok thanks for the follow up!

Is there any progress on this bug being fixed?

Hi, I am having this issue with AoD enabled, using a Samsung Gear S3 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It seems to stop when i lose connection with the phone, then doesnt refresh again until the phone is fully charged.

I was having this issue as well and it wouldn’t show unless plugged in and fully charged or below 15%. Using Gear Sport and Galaxy S8. Just went into galaxy app store and went to “My Apps”, “All” and found the facer app. There was a update but it never showed up under my apps needing to be updated. My phone battery seems to be updating now. I would try that.

The only update I see in the Galaxy Apps store is for the Companion App and it was last updated July 17th. I have had that version since it released. The problem still exists for me.

The developers said are aware of the issue and claimed some fixes but nothing ever came of it.

It’s very frustrating because WatchMaker is perfect on battery info but can’t get steps info right and Facer is perfect on steps and heart rate but can’t get battery info right.

Hello @aerajan @Orion @ash.ley.d , I’m sorry for the inconvenience this bug may have caused you. We are actively working on a fix for this but the bug seems to be inconsistent. I recently had this issue and here is something that you can try that worked for me.

If you go to your phone settings > apps > facer and go to the permissions section. Make sure all permissions are active and then force close the app. Then try to re-sync your face because the values should populate at the time of sync. Personally I deleted the face off my watch and then re-synced just to be safe but I do not know if this is really necessary.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if it does/does not. Any details you can give would be really helpful in finding a solution to this problem.

Thank you for the info and suggestion. I am currently testing exactly what you suggested.

I noticed at one point in time on a previous version of Facer that, I used to get a consistent notification in the drop down menu that said something like "Facer Companion is Connected to Your S2/S3. This seemed to solve the problem. However, it appears that in the updates that followed this notification was removed.

Maybe there could be an option in Facer settings to keep a persistent notification? I’m assuming this helps force the watch and app to keep communicating information.

I would even be happy to beta test this if it is possible.

Interesting, thank you for the info @aerajan. I’ve only had an s3 for a week but ran into this problem so I’m not sure about the consistent notification. I am working closely with facer to fix it though so hopefully we will figure out a fix soon. I will also tag @Facer_Official to this post so they can see the info you have supplied about the notification. Thanks again for the info and your understanding.

Awesome! Thanks @syntaxracing. It would be nice to have this bug worked out. I’m still testing your suggestion. I will update in the near future if your work around seems to keep working.

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@syntaxracing as a small update to this ongoing issue I have noticed that battery info is now shown on the watch per your suggestion, however, it still does not seem to update regularly all the time but is rather inconsistent. Oddly enough it seems that if I simply open the Facer app on my phone without resyncing anything it will update battery info on the watch.

I am wondering if the having a consistent notification as mentioned previously would in fact solve the issue.

After several days of testing my phone battery is displaying on my watchface albeit it sometimes updates very frequently and sometimes does not, even when the phone battery has changed significantly. I have also noticed that towards the end of the day it does not update all causing me to resynce the face via Facer.

I’m experiencing a very similar situation and am communicating that directly to the facer staff. Thanks for all your input and I’m sorry again that it’s not working properly. Hopefully soon we will have it solved.


Thanks for letting me know. Please update this post if possible when you know of a fix.

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