PLS Let me know why my watchfaces were deleted

What the bloody hell happend with my watchfaces… a lot of deleted because some kind of copyright bllsht, but all of them are fully my creations. WHY? Desperately need answer!

Hi @safesz,

It looks like some of your faces were flagged at Rolex’s request. I suspect it’s because of the use of “Oyster Perpetual” in your design which is trademarked by them.

As with all DMCA takedown, you may file a counter-notice to Rolex if you deem this is a mistake. You can do this by following the steps received by email, or listed here: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

I can tell you what happened to me and maybe it might shed some light on your issue. I published a face that was completely all my own work, but right before I published it I was switching watch styles with it. I normally publish using a Gear S3 Frontier “watch” background, but I happened to have it on a Fossil watch. I also had the #ZMANU# tag set so that whatever watch it was synced to would have that brand name on it. Facer’s computers tagged that watch thinking that I was posting a rip-off of a Fossil watch and deleted it. I have learned since then that the words written into a watch face are closely checked and can get your face a copyright strike and deleted. I no longer use any words that are not generic to all watches. Your use of “OYSTER PERPETUAL” might have been the trigger that got you noticed.

it’s such an American thing … to protect an expression … last time I had a problem using a type of screw … but now at least I know the reason … but to terminate my account for that reason …

It’s a brand mark thing, not an ‘American thing’. One day, you might be pleased someone doesn’t start creating watches under the name safes2… Sorry you’re annoyed about it, but TM’s are TM’s…


Not fun. But since the faces themselves are not the problem, I wonder if Facer could restore them and simply allow you to remove Oyster Perpetual? What’s the point of including that wording anyway?

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Agreed - it adds no value to your work. Change ‘Oyster’ to ‘Made’…, for example.

I made a face that looked similar to a Rolex, but I did not use any of their wording or images. I changed everything to look like it but the wording was FAUXLEX, Eviternal date, Subsurfacer, 1.000ft=.308m, Non-Chronometer, Officially Decertified.

It’s been published since January this year and has 200 syncs so far. At a glance it looks real but when you look just slightly closer you can tell it’s bogus. As the name says it’s faux in every detail. :grin:

Fauxlex !!! … love this brand :wink:

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Not that simple … I have a lot of work that includes some reference to the original brand … e.g. co-axial, submariner, super lative, certified, etc … I didn’t think this could be a copyright issue. By the way, there are a couple of deleted face that no longer have blueprints … meh… shit happend…

It is usually best to avoid any similarity to a brand name. That includes spelling it differently. Come up with your own totally different name.

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Then think of something original mate. It’s that simple.

You know the difference and you clearly have the creative ability to come up with something you can call your own.

I completely understand your frustration when Breitling and Ralph Loren (HUGE LOGOS) are in the top 100…, but that’s something beyond our remit.

Chiming in to say the same thing happened to me yesterday. Someone from Rolex searched for infringement and one of mine got taken down because it had “oyster” as a keyword. For me it’s not a big deal, but @safesz I encourage you to reupload those watches without any mention of shellfish, the syncs will return and it’ll be worth it.

OK thnx for the help guys… i think the highest synced face will be modified, but the others gone with the wind…

What do you think… is there any chance to create face only for myself? When not published (and not infringed copyright) a face? I am not a rich guy and this is the only way to wear a Patek Philippe, or Breitling, or Rolex watch… i am not sure was i clear, sorry…

If you keep your faces in draft and do not publish them then you can sync the drafts to your watch. But note that even if you do not publish it still may be an infringement of the owners trademarks or other intellectual property rights and so you still may find that they are deleted at some point. I have not heard of drafts being deleted for copyright/trademark infringement but I suppose it is possible that they could be in the future.

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OK. try, but the website sync doesnt work on my Galaxy Watch a while… dont know why… can i see drafted watchface in the andriod client?

well… no…

I sync drafts directly from Creator. Does that not work for you?

Do you have notifications turned on in the Facer App? You need that in order to be able to sync from Creator/Facer web page.