Post concerning followers

this is a follow up post to cat politely asking for 4 or 5 followers(continued discussion)

This may be something for both of you to handle in private. If you honestly think someone is bullying or harassing you, you can email Facer support.

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Hey - I did follow you because I read your post and felt a certain empathy, and I was using multiple devices last night, so I’m not sure how I unfollowed you.

In any case, if you feel that any of this is harrassment, please contact Facer support and let them know.

Good luck to you in the future.

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hi batwolf-so what you are saying is that you didnt intentionally push the like button then follow me then 1 hour later manually unfollow me by pushing the blue button saying unfollow-this doesnt make any sense at all-i dont understand how it can just unfollow by itself it shouldnt unfollow a person even if you were using 2 or 3 devices last night-it must be a glitch when using 2 or 3 devices-i would like to know how this happened
that it just unfollows a person by itself
sorry batwolf please accept my apologies i feel really bad-rator you were right that we should have handled this in private-thank you for the follow batwolf i really appreciated it was very kind of you sorry about this-good luck to you too batwolf sorry.

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No problem. Glad you guys worked it out. Sometimes there’s a bit of a communication breakdown because there are so many people from so many countries.

yes agreed rator there are 2 ways of looking at it-he said he followed me and used multiple devices last night-so hes not quite sure how i unfollowed you(me cat)-meaning i followed you(me cat)but then was using multiple devices saying he unfollowed me but hes not sure which device he used
point 2-which is what i took from it was using multiple devices could have caused the glitch that i mentioned
in my passage

this is a deleted post explaining how i felt if it was point 1-then had much needed confirmation from nathan-which made sense as to what i said whereby i should have left it-then the next post under nathan saying thanks for confirmation from him-i deleted and withdrew-so this was supposed to be written under nathan-last point-if batwolf tried to help me why did he not resubscribe currently hes not
i am also a good person

Yeah I think you are losing things in translation. He is saying that he didn’t intentionally unfollow you. I speak with batwolf regularly and he is a very nice person. He even shared your first post with others on a separate chat to try and spread your profile and get you more followers.
If anybody here is being unfriendly right now it’s you. You are being very accusatory for no reason.
If you feel you aren’t getting followers, then there are multiple ways to get them. The best ways to do this are by improving your work and by engaging with the community in a constructive way.

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@nathantrafford facer partner
i love facer i think they awesome they know what they are doing and are very clever with how they run this site-im very impressed and would like to thank them for all their hard work-thanks facer
im trying to improve my work but it isnt easy for me to make good watches or masterpieces im making watches for myself-im not an expert in designing and art im an amatuer trying to make watches for myself but i do enjoy and want followers it makes a person feel so good geting followers(its best feeling)-i will try harder to make better watches and i havent posted in community b4 yesterday-so i will try to engage more and be constructive not destructive lol thanks nathan

At the end of the day, that’s why we’re all here is to make things that we are passionate about. Watchface design is extremely subjective, so the best thing we can do is just create things that we like for ourselves, and perhaps somebody else will like it too. Engaging with the community is a good start because it is the best place to learn new techniques and expand our knowledge. Then you can create even more designs for yourself. Best of luck.


hi i would like to clear some things up
1st rator says theres a communication breakdown what did he mean by that
i thought he meant that batwolf unfollowed me intentionally he just worded it wrong-then i explain that point
that it was harrasement to follow me(which i thought was messing me around and playing with my mind-nathan says im accusatory and unfriendly-i did nothing i was followed and unfollowed no matter what device so i expressed that-its impossible to unfollow by itself unless manually-but im unfriendly accusatory-what?why did batwolf not follow me-and nathan and rator follow me-but u2 are quick to jump in-and tell me im bad 1-i did NOTHING wrong-its always my fault----edited-batwolf never refollowed me even now-none of u guys have to-obviously-but im not wired like that-if i were rator nathan-i would follow me-but none of u have to

i’ve sent you a private message.

Hey @cat777forgot777, I’m sorry that you are having a hard time at the moment and that you are obviously unhappy.

I have been on Facer for around 18months and I just wanted to jump in and let you have my thoughts and observations on the Facer community and how it differs from say Instagram or Facebook.

Firstly, I have only observed a few instances when someone has been intentionally rude on Facer and those people have tended to either not stay on Facer long or otherwise changed their behaviour. I guess what I am saying is that, from my observations, almost everyone here is trying to get along, be helpful and working together to keep building this great community. My conclusion from this is that if there is ever any doubt about whether someone here is being rude or not then it is a safe bet that they are not and that any impression to the contrary is down to a misunderstanding.

Now Facer…

Facer, as I have observed, is not like Facebook or Instagram. I have never observed people here trying to ‘artificially’ increase their follower count by playing follow/unfollow games, or the like. Also, people don’t seem to generally follow a designer just to be nice to them. People seem to only follow a designer if they like their designs and want to keep an eye on them to see what they come up with next. In fact, as far as I can tell, there would be no actual advantage in having a large number of “not really interested” followers on Facer. On Instagram and other sites I understand that the number of followers you have is important because it impacts visibility. I don’t believe that is the case here. The result of all that is that I don’t think there is much point in asking people to follow you just to be nice to you. There is no advantage in having such “followers” and in any case, as you have observed, it is just not likely to work because people don’t seem to think of “likes” and “followers” that way on Facer.

My advice, for what it is worth, is to to just to focus on producing designs that you like and are happy with and the people on Facer who like your designs will find and follow you. There is simply no point in having any other kind of “follower”.

All the best


thank you nathan-i appreciate everything you have said-i am an extremely rational person and i agree
and i know u guys have a great community here and i see how u guys communicate it is friendly and always positive and mature-i havent had one instance where ive ever thought any person on this site is not a good person especially the regular designers u see all the time on the new watch publishing page-ive never thought i dont have subscribers other than what u said-i am rational-and know that just because you ask for subscribers and are nice and a good person that there is anything wrong with not being sympathetic and if i dont get people are being nasty or unfair-ooo poor me and feel sorry for myself-i asked for followers out of sympathy for myself-the world doesnt revolve around me-people are who they are and i believe they either will or they wont and dont second guess themselves or are fake-or they dont follow me because cat was so polite and nice and good person therefore others are not nice-im extremely happy on facer and in my life-so that point was incorrect-i asked for followers out of pity-and thought it would be fun to take a gamble(im a poker player and always place in money in online tourneys and made few final tables-im good)i dont want any drama i dont want to participate in drama-and like to comunicate with people in a mature way-and like to share my opinions in conversation-sometimes its not good thing-sometimes im wrong but thats how i learn to have opinions so that every so often its a great one-i like your response and have alot of respect for you-to batwolf rator nathan-this conversation is over-pls lets forget about this put it in the past-if i comunicate with any of u in future it will be my responsibility to be polite and courteous i hate all of this and everything that happened and writing this is embarrasing because i probably make no sense and are irritating everyone reading this and look like an idiot -if batwolf or rator want to reply u may-we all going to be on this site for long time-so we must all be nice

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because of my actions-you batwolf nathan didnt refollow-and i realised that from my first reply to batwolf-sorry for that wire thing-i will respond to your homer simpson post when i hit 350k followers im a slow starter-but u know wat they say

@Rator Exactly! :rofl:

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thanks for being open to seeing the multiple angles of what happened. We’re all friends here. Happy watch making!

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You’ll get there cat777.

Just make a great faces. Think of followers & syncs as simply a side-effect of publishing quality work…

Don’t lose heart. Onward and upwards!



@rator i have no idea what that homer simpsons animation means but it is very kind of you-great that was fun-thanks kavanasant yes exactly its so funny-great im now in the inner circle with the bigboys-thank god i had a good response to mikeoday sorry mike but your pic looks exactly same as nathan-