Publishing a new face - Timing is everything!


A question most likely posed before, but what’s the best ‘time’ to publish a watch face (if, like me, you’re a member of the great unwashed and have no ‘features’ or slider promo’s on the homepage.

I suspect it’s Wednesday and Thursday around 4:30 GMT (5:30pm CET)… Any thoughts?



:rofl: This is definitely a different time if you are pursuing a specific goal to become popular for a while, and with your watch faces this is possible. And it’s not Friday the 13th :grinning:


I think the lists get refreshed sunday nights. im not sure, but I think if you released a face on saturday then it shouldnt get hit too hard by the refresh but again these are just my casual observations. I’d publish monday i guess for free faces. Let us know how your experiment works!

Thanks Rator…but the pixels available for partner to contributor about are 100:1. and the ‘1’ changes by the minute. Only fear or greed would shape this effect…

Not sure what you mean, you talking about the featured collections on the site? Like the scrolling ads on the main page?

Hey Rator, thanks for the reply. If you create a face, you have one chance of a download - by being seen in :>recent (you won’t find this on mobile). There is zero chance a listing like this will make 3k.

Fear or greed? What does that even mean? You’re clearly talking about the charts, which are dynamic - they’re constantly changing, but apparently reset on a Sunday night. I can’t remember where I read it, but I did read that its only for faces during their first 30 days from release, so faces can come in and go out easily and rapidly. I’ve had faces go into the charts and only stay there for a matter of hours, others stay there for weeks. I seem to remember seeing lots of yours in charts, so I imagine you’re doing pretty well. It’s all a mystery to me how things work on Facer. Charts certainly aren’t related to ability to design well. I suspect how your own followers react to your work has some bearing, so those with followers who like a particular style might sync everything you release. Lots of other factors there. Being featured can help (or not).

Even though Facer encourages users to submit a wide variety of work to be considered for partner, I think that is probably actually going to reduce your likelihood of high sync numbers, because your own followers will be following you for different styles. If you create lots of similar work, you get known for that kind of work, and your followers are more likely to download everything you release. Who knows. As I said, its a mystery to me.

Thanks mate. My concern isn’t my d/l rates, really! I just see below average garbage top the charts when good work goes unnoticed. I’m not talking about my stuff. ‘Rod’ recently created a beautiful piece with little uptake, ‘x’ creator produces work that looks like it was produced by a 4 year old and hit the charts, as does ‘y’ repo using methods I could teach an 8 year old, utterly talentless…

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Check this one out Likely futile charting rant (top 100 and others like it). The first face in this thread (that I started) is ridiculous. Just incredible how this made it into the chart. The others in my first post on that thread are criticized not for their design, but the descriptions that went along with them. This is why I’ve all but given up on Facer. I still design faces, but only for my own enjoyment. Any other expectation is futile.


Your edit came too late for those of us you have criticized. Creator Partners have their work reviewed by Facer so they have no control over when it will be published. I do not know when the lists are refreshed. Perhaps the best advice is to not worry about things you have no control over, and just design what you like. I can’t speak for ‘y’, but even though you may think ‘L’ paints like a 4 year old, you have insulted over almost 30K followers who don’t agree with you.

Linlay, I’m sorry you presumed that ‘L’ was referring to you. I edited the comment this morning in case it might have been interpreted as such…

I’m not sure what’s going on here now, I thought this post was about when to publish a face.

If there’s a question in there, I’d be happy to try and answer, but it seems like you’re bothered by

1: The lack of advertising for non-partner work.
2: Some of the faces in the top are not good, and some that are, are not in the top.

The lack of advertising for free faces should be evident. They don’t make money on free faces.

As for the quality of faces that make it to the top of the lists (or don’t), that’s like saying chicken is better than steak. Or fish is better than chicken. What YOU think is good or deserving of a top spot is not necessarily what the masses think. The public decides what they want. It’s taste based.

I’ve done plenty of faces that I LOVED that never made it on any charts.

I’d suggest watching the charts for trends, colors, styles, etc., make faces as often as you can, promote them wherever you can, including here on the forums, and see what happens.

You do good work, so keep it up and you’ll get noticed. Worry less about the syncs and more about producing good work like you’ve been.


Ha! Monsieur Lieutenant Armand d’Hubert, Pistols at dawn it is then! :wink:



Ok, if that’s your weapon of choice, I submit. There’s no point in taking on an expert. Enough now. Stay well. R

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Just so you know, i saw what you said about me, it was quite clear it was me, and many others saw it too,. Then you edited it because you were called out on it. I’m not sure what your problem is with me, as I have never said or done anything negative toward you, but i would appreciate you leaving me out of the frustration you have with Facer. i may have the skills of an 8 year old, but I’m doing my best, just like everyone else here. Thanks.

Guess I missed something again.

But this is a place where you can get your questions answered about how to make faces, get opinions from other creators, test things and learn, etc.

If people have a beef with Facer and how things work or how they do things on their end, I’d say take it up with them privately. We can’t (and don’t) speak for them.

I’d also suggest we all take into consideration that there are MANY different cultures and languages in here, so we should all try to be direct with each other since things like comedy and sarcasm can be misinterpreted across those divides.

Let’s try to have fun, make cool stuff, and help people where we can, cause this world has enough hate in it.

And if anyone needs help with anything I might be able to help with, feel free to DM me.