Question about Top100 Ranking

Hi @Facer_Official

I am curious about the sorting rule of the weekly Top100 ranking.
Is the top100 based on downloads in the previous week?

Also, may I know is it updated at a fixed time every week, or is it updated in real-time?

Thank you very much.

Based on what I see from my own stats, it’s the top syncs for the week, and it resets on a Sunday at midnight. It updates automatically.


Thank you for your reply.
However, I found that Top100 is changing every minute. So I guess it may be a real-time ranking?

That’s pretty much what i was implying.

Ah, I am a little bit confused.
If it is a real-time ranking, what do you mean by “reset on Sunday”?

it is real time “sync count since sunday”, so it resets every sunday

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Ok, I understand. Thank you very much for your explanation:)

Any idea what the sync count order of magnitude is for the top faces?

The top 100 is based partly on syncs and the Facer team on Sunday nights who choose who they want to be in top 100 which is usually the pay members, friends, family. etc. They have their favorites like MikeOb, GRR and a few others who they love. Expect to see them always at the top no matter what face they put out. There are other designers which are able to sell their faces and have very few faces and followers but are chosen to sell their their faces which is mind boggling. Then there are other designers who have a lot of great faces and consistently at the top of the rankings who cannot sell their faces. One week you can have your face at #3 then the next week be out of the top 100 all together but Facer’s favorites remain there for weeks. I never understood their criteria. It’s definitely not just syncs. Really makes no sense.

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Who’s making assumptions? Those are facts from my experience on Facer. Seems like you are the one making assumptions and don’t understand based on what you see from your own stats. By the way, my response wasn’t to you, it was to Tingying.


Wrong again, no assumptions on my end. Pure facts from experience. Not sure what you are reading, but yes, I am entitled to my opinion as you are as well. Have a wonderful day!

Hi LR21. Well, I have to reply to your thread since my name came up. The top 100 is given by the number of syncs made in a certain amount of time. I don’t know if Facer has favorites or not. But I can confirm to you that I have never had any approach with them to see me benefit in any way. I can tell you that this implies many hours of work and sacrifice, a lot of time invested in each one of the covers and you must know this. I have seen and recognize your good work, you have a large number of followers. In many occasions you are well positioned in the Top 100. I have always had clear that putting free covers is in gratitude to all the people who follow me. Maybe this week you have encountered a lot of traffic or many partners in the free list, but I invite you to continue with your work so that you can always be among the first places. Receive a warm greeting.


Hi MikeOb, I mentioned your name in the thread because you’re one of the names regularly on the #1 spot and many times rightfully so. You have a lot of great faces. I was just simply giving my observation and my experience with the top 100. I mentioned family and friends because I can’t understand how some users have very few faces and followers but yet are able to have a pay tag for their faces. I know it takes hard work to create faces for everyone to enjoy. I use the free version of creator which limits me a bit on my faces. It would be great to be able to charge for some of my faces but it’s dissapointing when I see users who look like they just started on Facer with a pay tag. Again my response was in no way any disrespect to you or your work, just my experience with Facer. Best regards.:pray:

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For sure the TOP 100 mainly bases on sync counts but i think the number of follower is as well an influencing factor. The more get aware of a newly published design the more will probably download it. ImhO this is not totally fair but is any chart at the world totally fair? If a superstar with millions of fans publishs a new album or song it will naturally climb up in the chart, wether it‘s very good or average…

But i don‘t think that the facer crew manually boost some members in the charts. I assume it’s an automated process…

What definitly helps is when a face gets featured, this has a big impact…

And - what may help is when you are present with a couple of faces at the same time in the charts.

But - if you design a real killer face you can get to the top. Even without thousands of followers or being featured.

I am now over two years monitoring the charts and i can tell that true quality will find it‘s way.


That may be because those members have purchased a Pro Membership. If Pro features are used, perhaps Facer can sell the watch faces created with them.

So if you purchase a Pro membership you automatically can sell your faces? Don’t you have to be invited to be able to sell faces? I have seen users with less than 100 followers and like 10 faces have pay tags on them. That’s what I don’t get. How does that happen?

  1. No. 2) Yes. But if you build a face with Pro features it requires whoever wants to download it to have premium subscription, so that’s the pay tag. But some of the faces you may see that are for sale that seem to be from new accounts may not necessarily be designer partners. Facer has been establishing partnerships with some brands of real watches recently, as well as licensing official branding of some video games and entities like NASA and produced some faces around these. But these are all “in house” products essentially, not new invited partners. Also I think a couple of designer partners may have spun off a sub-brand. So there are a few reasons why you may observe faces for sale from seemingly new un-established profiles.

Thank you for that explanation. That makes a little more sense to me now. Was not aware that established designers could create sub-brands and be able to sell them. That creates a bit of a red flag for long time users who have not received an invite to suddenly see new unestablished users with pay tags. Still not sure why established users would create a separate brand on a different proflie when they can easily just brand it within their existing well known profile.

Well to be clear, I don’t think many are sub-branding. And to be honest, I’m only making an educated guess about one or maybe two instances. I think there are more new profiles related to the licenced branding and real watch collections. Again, just my observations. I don’t have inside into. Though to your original point, I’m quite sure there’s no nepotism or stacking the Top100 charts with staff favourites. It’s simply an algorithm based on syncs.


In regards to your last sentence. I don’t agree with that. I think there is. I don’t think it’s all based on syncs only. I think there is definite favorites. I have seen faces magically appear #1 or #2 on Sunday nights that were not in the rankings all week long, therefore it would be impossible that they just magically got a million syncs in a few minutes and rose to the top. Again, those are my observations.

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