Quick Reference Sheet

I put together a Quick Reference based on examples from the forum here and other places to help me as I make watchfaces, I update it periodically. I thought I would offer it up here if anyone is interested!

I tried to leave credit where do, but I didn’t keep track when I first started making this!

Please give feedback, additions or other!


This is great. Of course, I would like to extend this document to include more examples of the use of tags :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would be happy to add whatever you would like to contribute. Anything you have ill take and add it!

Damn, nice work!

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This is really great-thanks for the hard work! I hate to suggest it, because it would create work for you, but all the tutorials on this site would be great to archive on this document. But getting the authors of the tutorials might be lots…

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I wouldn’t mind if I had a few people to help!

Great job…

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