Request: Radar Second Hand

Hi guys.

Im trying to figure out gow to get the second hand to look like a radar.
I have seen a bunch of faces with it (just searching radar) but I cant seem to reproduce it, or find any information online on how to create this effect.

Can anyone please help me out :slight_smile:

I think the way most people would apreoach this is to just draw a second hand with a shaded trail like this

and then just use it as the second hand


Oh dear, i need to dig up my old photoshop from somewhere

what you need to do is create a png image of the radar you want and set it as a custom hand, in the editor when you insert the second hand widget, you can also select a custom style by clicking on the + and choosing the png file you created.
I add an example of image and draft that you can inspect.
Greetings orz0


Tks so much again orz0

I will try and create it in a few days, haven´t got my hard drive with my photoshop editor, and i need it in red.
Thank you so much again

@joedoughty Something like this?
Edit: Ok, so I tried to attach a PNG with transparency, but it attached as JPG. Just contact me and I can send over my original.
I don’t know if I got the color right, but I could refine it later if I have time. I wish I had more time to help, it sounds like a cool project. I’m “planning” to do a mockup radar screen with 3 layers and rotation (for you), but I don’t know when I could get to it. If you PM me I can share any working files and notes that I have so far.
Hope your project goes well! It sounds like it’s going to be cool! What was your inspiration or prompt to start this, if I might ask?

Hello michael

Actually the inspiration is a watchface i had on another app.

I really liked this watchface and i would like to try to recreat it here (and learn in the progress)

The color im using is red #ff0000

My email is joedoughty …at… hotmail …com

The idea is to generate a circle with the same color or pattern as the background and then you can make the radar only show on the border, a really cool effect.
But for sure qw can use it for so many more items
Thank you so much for your help.

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This what you need? The red will be the red you want when you put it over black. Lemme know how it looks.

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Ok, cool, I think I misunderstood what you needed. Yeah that looks cool. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Would this maybe help?

It’s going to show you how to make a seconds indicator that fills in spaces around the circle one by one.


Hi guys

Thabks for your incredible support.

@Rator that will exactly be the end result im looking for.
Do you have the same image with the full radar also?
(In future i would love to try and work with transparencies)

@michael.cox350 that tutorial is amazing.
And huge thanks for everything you sent me yesterday.
I got all I needed.
Your awesome dude

Cool, here are 2 that line up for ya.


Thank you so much @Rator

/Sarcasm mode on
Luckily for me, i smashed my foot yesterday, so got 15 days at home with my foot up, plenty of time to learn and play with facer
/Sarcasm mode off

You’re welcome!

Funny enough, I know how that feels. A couple weeks ago, my wife ran over my foot with my own damn truck! Luckily, just heavy bruising.

Hope you feel better soon!

LoL tks @Rator

I hope at least now she is feeling guilty and spoiling you hahaha

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I WISH! No, once she saw it wasn’t broken, she went back into normal mode lol.