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Response time from Support team of Facer

Good day everyone,

I’d like to know about response time from Facer Support team.
Recently left a couple of things in ‘Request’ field in help center and found my requests were assigned to someone but it has been more than 1 month in one subject - related with Facer Creator bug in MAC and the other subject - Partner qualification has been more than 1week.
Is this usual to wait more than 1 week, 1 month things from Facer support team?


Facer has a very small group of people who runs it so it does take some time. I sent in a request about heart rate and step count not functioning on Galaxy Watch 4s. It was well over a week before I got an answer back and the lady who answered me apologized for it taking so long to get back with me. They appear to be understaffed and over worked at the moment.


Thanks @mrantisocialguy for your experience sharing.
Then, now I need to get used to this slow response and learn more patience :sweat_smile:
Have a good day!



as you say: it begs the question: what did they say about heart rate not working? Any chance to solve it?

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This is the my email to Facer and the answer I got from Facer: New Information from Facer about Heart Rate & Steps

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