Rotating Face with Wrist Motion

So I can only explain my concept and then maybe that will help –

I want to have every element of the watch face rotate so that it is readable at all times – Rotating by the gyroscope/accelerometer of the watch so the users arm and wrist don’t have to be manipulated to see watch information at a reading level (horizontal all times to eye sight)

This picture helps from this previous post — [TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] Gyro 3D Interactive Wrist Movement Effects & Animations

So just like this although, how would I get all elements to follow this concept and rotate smoothly?

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What you are asking is very Complex . Please look at this test I made which is published so you can see it on your Watch . Part of the problem we have with Motion sensing is that some of the Axis drift back to centre . You will see that sensing is only on X and Y axis . It is not Rotational.