Rotating picture

Hi friends,
I created a design for my Casio and I wanted to test a rotating picture. I used first the code #DWFSS# for a rotation in one minute and I wanted to get a faster rotation. I finally found after some tests the following code (10*(#DWFSS#)). In this code, the speed is multiplied by 10. I you wish to use it, you can modify the speed by changing 10 with another number. It is just for info. Have fun!
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#DWFSS# is a smooth rotation tag for seconds, not minutes…

Hello Mellin, you are right but what I mean is that the rotation of the picture is done in one minute, as the code is written for seconds’ hand, covering 60 seconds during the full rotation. I just wanted to indicate the possibility to change the speed; I first did not know that it was possible and after several combinations with or without (), I found it.

Thanks! Was looking for this :slight_smile:

Yes thanks was just trying to figure out the same thing as I was attempting to create a rotating hand that did 60 rotations per second the formula “(60*(#DWFSS#))” was exactly what I needed thank you.

(#DWFSS#*60) does exactly the same thing, just less brackets :laughing: