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Rotation dial DOW

What am I doing wrong.
I try to rotate the days.
It only works to a limited extent.
It rotates, but at the same time for several days!
Is the sheet I’m using wrong, or the formula?
I use the formula: (#DOW#*51.429)
Thanks in advance…


#DOW# or #Dd# Week or Month . You are showing a Date ring for the month and asking about the week . One thing at a time .

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For your Days Hand, in the Rotation box, try playing around with the numbers in this next equation, but I think you might need to change your Days Of Week so it starts with Sunday on the left -
You can see how it works if you open this Face and select the Inspection Icon Rocket-Inspection Icon

Sadly this gives you Day of the week rotation but starts Monday .


I am working on a Sunday start but I have had a Heavy day .
I know we have done this on the Community before . I will try hunt some down .
During the testing Phase I use a Hand HRS to establish the angle of things . So I see the range of you arc 78 degrees inclusive 39 from Zero .
I put code in the text box to see what it is doing . You will see #DOW# giver you 0 to 6 and #DOWB# 1 to 7 . not much use for Sunday Start .

We already solved Monday as first day in another thread recently.
Little flaw of beauty is, the week day letters are not centered properly, but that can add to the ancient look :slight_smile:
Anyway, I would change the weekday hand as whole (size placement and rotation) like this:

and for day of month ring like this (the +1 degree is there just to compensate for irregular number spacing):

btw, if you plan to publish it, I would modify the Breitling second hand a bit too.

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As we ride along on the Shoulders of the Giants it is often Difficult to see their Faces . Thanks for Flagging that up Peter . Good old Modulo 7 . I would never have thought of that in a Thousand years .

It is not my own idea either, somebody suggested it earlier for a countdown not going into negative numbers before end of year, after the day was reached. I just repurposed it.

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I can only say Thanks Again . Every day is a School day . One day you will kindly show us the Samsung code for something like that . Show the two together to Illustrate how Lucky we are learning here on Facer :::)))