Samsung G3 - Updated - AOD Not working anymore - goes dark


Been using G3 since July '17 - made my own face with dim mode. Had AOD enabled, and gesture on. Updated the watch as of today (received notification). Now screen goes to dim mode as expected, then goes dark after 2 seconds. Can’t seem to fix. The thing seems to like to push facer out of the way now and then and just display the built-in display.

I’ve reinstalled facer, reinstalled the companion app, and getting close to resetting the watch entirely. I’m guessing it’s something to do with either my watchface (from July, I tried re-saving after a small alteration), or that the gear has an issue with Facer and AOD. Google searches were disappointing - or I suck at googling.

Last bit of notes:

  1. back of watch is clean, no tatts or prosthetic arms.
  2. Samsung billing isn’t on here. Didn’t need it before, perhaps now it does. Wants it when I do this new triple-tap thing.
  3. Facers new dim mode or classic dim only lets the watch stay on as desired, but then on-occasion slips into the default watch face. Makes me distrust the facer app compat right now. Not that I’m trusting Samsung’s ability to work with 3rd parties.

Any thoughts appreciated.

EDIT: Watch update was the Samsung update for the watch firmware. Not sure of prev. version.
Software: R760XXU2CQK3
Knox: 2.2.0
Knox Tizen: 2.2.0
SE for Tizen: 1.0.0
TIMA: 3.0.0

Hi @Blackjack!

Thanks for your post and sorry you’re having trouble with Facer and Tizen 3.0. If that’s any consolation, you are not alone. This firmware update has caused a number of issues on Facer and in a number of other watch apps.

The good news is that we have an update that should fix a number of these issues in the pipeline and is currently being reviewed by Samsung. Fingers crossed, it should be available in the next few days in the Galaxy App Store. We’ll be sure to update the community when it is.

Thanks SO MUCH for your patience!


This is right on par. I’m sorry I missed the article before posting - thanks so much!