Samsung Galaxy watch facer support

Hi my Galaxy watch facer is not working stably, what is the solution, I would be glad if you could help

Please check out the thread [KNOWN ISSUE] Sporadic Facer freeze on Samsung smartwatches. This has been an ongoing issue between Facer and Samsung on the 5.5 versions of Tizen.

So what do I have to do, tizen 5.5
Help me please

My Galaxy 46MM with Facer has been acting quirky ever since the watch firmware update of a few months ago. I posted 2 entries about 2 weeks apart on the Samsung Help forum and they both said basically the same thing - “we won’t help you.”

My guess is all their resources are working on the conversion to Wear OS. It will be interesting to see of our current watches will support that, and if Facer will work OK with it. In the meantime I’d suggest you “stay calm and carry on.”

So what will happen? Can’t we use facer?

I use Facer on my original Galaxy Watch running Tizen and I have to switch to a Galaxy face in the evening. Then in the morning I can run Facer all day with no issues. I just can’t go a full 24 hours or the watch starts doing some really flaky stuff and is bogged down really badly. Just run Facer 14-16 hours and then a Galaxy face the rest of the day and it should work. Also according to Facer, running the watch with AOD mode turned on will also stop it from happening. That’s according to @Facer_Official in the thread I posted earlier.

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Did facer help you? I got a feedback on this subject

This is what @Facer_Official told me in the thread I posted at the top.

@mrantisocialguy thanks for the info! We do expect the AOD disabled mode to still be sluggish. The fix we released is for now focused on AOD enabled. We’re trying to fix the AOD disabled scenario asap as well, and working with Samsung on it. Hoping to have some good news very soon on that front.

As mentioned in another thread, the “fixes” we’re releasing are mostly a workaround to avoid a significant bug in the current Tizen firmwares. Samsung is working on an actual firmware fix, but the rollout date for it is a bit unclear at this time, which is why we’re deploying these workarounds.

My Galaxy watch worked fine until I did Facer updated version. Now nothing loads for preview or download, just get the ‘busy’ circle constantly. When it worked fine I purchased the Premium plan for a year and that’s completely useless. BTW, I’ve always used my watch on AOD enabled, doesn’t matter…I’m feeling a bit ripped off…

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I took the Tizen update for my tiny Galaxy Active and things are not much better or worse than before. Even the Gyro started to work a bit better.
I went round and switched every permission I could find in the early days that helps. Samsung could not give me that advise. I think Samsung have their nose out of place as they have a Platform for designing watches and I would not recommend it to a Friend . they allow 4 one week windows in a Publish in a year. So we would have to be Patient for that. Dare I suggest doing a Backup and Clean Install .
Please stick with Facer I think they are Tying Very Hard to provide the Best.

@yasinsaybirr @russellcresser

I’ve seen this kind of thing happen in the automotive world while I was a General Motors “Mr. Goodwrench” service technician. Two companies would blame each other for any issue that the two were involved in. I had a customer with a key fob operated power door lock system that had issues with just one of her key fobs being inoperable. Long story short the key fob company blamed GM and vise-versa. It ended up being the key fob manufacturers fault, but it took two and a half weeks for them to admit it and come up with a solution.

We now have Facer and Samsung playing the blame game, but at least Samsung has finally admitted that their software has a glitch with a memory leak. It will all get sorted out, we just have to be patient until it does.

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Thats not the whole problem. The GWD/GWS allows for free, some of features facer only allows for pro+premium (like shortcuts and image change on tap) and does not support some other features at all. Yet to get the privilege to sell in store, there are those 4 review windows. To pass is not easy, but to become a facer partner migh be even harder.

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I had a go on the Samsung Platform. I was delighted to see they had a Gyro Simulator for the design stage. It did not wor at all. So the are Swinging the Lead there. In the year I have been on Facer with my Galaxy Active watch I have noticed improvements.
Unfortunately without a Syntax Checker it is quite easy to send Shitty Maths to your watch and trealy cause problems. In that case I send it to Lucky Andrei and he debugs it for me.
I am very fortunate to have abandoned my Ambition become a Partner. So just Enjoy the possibility to make something I dreamed about when I was at Design School in the early 70s.