[SOLVED] Hour hand rotates 6' every 10 minutes?

Is there a way to make this happen? I don’t want a smooth hour hand rotation.


just digital: ((floor(#Dm#/10))*10)

Hey Mellin welcome back!

I’m more or less still here every day.

It’s just that we have way more mathematically talented people here, so (because of my time zone) when I see a question it already has an answer…

Ahh gotcha. Still… good to see you.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me. I did run into a problem though, the code you gave me moved 60’ every 10 minutes and I was looking for 6. I added a 0 to your code and it worked great with one major issue. I did realize though that I needed to change the code from 10 minutes to 12 however but that part was an easier fix. I’m trying to get an hour hand that ticks instead of moves smoothly but with this code, when the hour turns it resets back to 0 rather than continuing to rotate throughout the day.

For anyone interested in the solution to this it was solved here.