Some galactic stuff


Very cool animation, great work :thumbsup:

Very nice! Good Skeleton frame. What program do you use for the fractals? Chaotica?

Greetings, GAUSS.

May I ask how did you do this animation?, is the animation a transition or a gif? I’ve been needing that kind of transition and I haven’t been successful… please help if you would like to, thank you in advance…

I am not the creator but i think he used three similar rotating pictures, two in blue and one in yellow. One of the blue and the yellow pic witah a sine and cosine based transparency level.

Maybe like this example:

Greetings, GAUSS.

thank you!

I only use Photoshop, nothing else

Indeed, never thought my math could help me in designing watches

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Could you let me inspect the watch? I understand the sin cosine, but not sure what formula should I use in transparency… thank you in advance, what I’m trying to do is for this watch, to alternate this images… nerio alberto - My Mickey Hipster - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Oh, isn‘t the inspection mode open? It should be normally. None of my watch faces are closed…

Try this link and check if it´s open for inspection…

Otherwise here are the formulas:

Transparency formulas

Item01-red-below: 100%

Item-02-red-middle: ((cos(#DWE# / 2)) * 50 + 50)

Item-02-red-middle: ((sin(#DWE# / 2)) * 50 + 50)

Slow rotation in this case (all items): (#DWE# * 2.4)

Greetings, GAUSS.

This is a great tutorial from tomaja, here’s explained the principles of sinus and cosinus.

In my watch face I used only two layers. The lower one has transparency 100 and the upper has the formula:


have fun!!


I always use ((#DWE#)*x) in rotation because otherwise you’ll get a hick-up when a new minute starts


Yes. You´re right … i forgot about the DWFSS-rotation hickup. :wink:

Nice formula, too. They are working a little bit different in the output. With my solution the color phases are at both the same lenght,

Just updated the example … This is a very nice version for a triple colour change:

It´s from @Mellin, i think …

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it’s beautiful indeed!

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I’ll work it ASAP… thank you so much