[TOMAJA Tutorial] Animated Transparent Floating Digital Time

Hello There,

I am just ready with my animated digital time Finding Underwater Feeling watch face.

The goal was to present the digital time as transparent bubbles floating deep in the sea. Every number was prepared as a partly transparent PNG graphic


and I needed to join it wit the real time digits. It was not a problem for the hours digits due to the direct commands:

#DkZA# - First Digit of the Hour in Day (0-2)
#DkZB# - Second Digit (12 hour) of the in Day (0-9)

For the seconds digits I used first the commands

#DmMT# - String value for minutes (tens place)
#DmST# - String value for minutes (ones place)

in this easy way in the “transparency” field:

$ #DmST# = one ? 100 : 0 $

It works fine in the creator and at the web page - however it does not work on my watch. So I looked for another solutions.

Many thanks to Insane_but_not_Alone for Digits Separation for the idea to solve this problem using “floor” command.

Here is just the repeating of Insane_but_not_Alone’s expression for minutes:

(floor(#Dm#/10)) for the Tens
(#Dm#-(10*floor(#Dm#/10))) for the Ones

Tomaja Design

Btw. the rest of animations (fish & background) works excellent even if I used a lot of pictures to reach the photo realistic effects.

And here is the watch face :wink:


Looks awesome! Well done:)