Spinning background, please help

Hi, I’m new to using facer and really need some help figuring something out. So I started today out trying to get to know the layout and the basics so I can create some cool simple faces for my fossil gen 5. I added everything I wanted on the face, designed it all and sent it to my watch. Everything worked great and looked just how I wanted for a basic face. I then wanted to make the background spin slowly (as on of my favourite faces has the effect) just to see how it works. So I messed around with it to get the speed I wanted and it centered on my central point. It seemed to work well in the preview and editor so I sent it to my watch but the background doesn’t appear at all. I can change the background colour and it changes it on the face but I can’t put my desired image and make it spin. It works fine when it is the still image but not when I make it spin.
I’ve tried changing the background to a different image, making it a seperate image layer, changing the size of image, tried different image formats, cropped the image to fit inside, analog and digital, just a blank canvas with the image and nothing else, I signed up for the pro version, sending it to my watch from my phone. I don’t know what else to try. Please help, all ideas are welcome and I will try everything recommended until it works. Thanks.

P.S, Please use layman terms as I’m new to this.

can you share what you’re working on with inspection mode enabled? also have a look at this tutorial if you haven’t already:

Welcome Benny!
Yes, inspection with a link to the face or else just post the expression you used to rotate the image will enable the experts here to help you :wink:

I don’t own a Fossil watch, but from reports here they seem to be fussy about Facer expressions. Expressions that work in Creator and on Samsung watches sometimes just don’t on Fossil… Can be a small thing like brackets or spaces…

Thanks I’ll have a look at that.
The expression is $(#DNOW#/250)$.
The watch face cheers for the help. Please don’t judge to harshly as I’m just messing around with it :sweat_smile::grinning: cheers.

Remove the $s from your expression.

$ is used for conditions in Facer.
see Conditionals | Facer Documentation

sorry the $ were there to outline it they aren’t in the actual face. sorry for the confusion.

This is the style I was going for with the background if it helps. artfuldodger 788 - OneVibe-SE1: Wave - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

I’ve got it working now but no idea why I used ((#DWE#*2)) instead of (#DNOW#/250) can someone please explain what the difference is and where I could go to read up on stuff like this. Thanks.

Usually you’ll want to tie your animation to the #DWE# tag which triggers animation when the watch wakes up.
Advantage of tag #DNOW# is the continuity through the whole day. This number is growing only.

Ok thanks I think I understand it a bit better now, can I link the 2 so that it continues moving throughout the day?

It’s simple. If you’re running an animation, you’d better tie it to a wake-up clock with #DWE#. It will always start with the clock. Like

And here the use of the tag #DNOW#

Cool thanks for all the help, I’ll be sure to give those a read.

Glad you got it working :+1: