Split calories tag to make it curve

Hello Guys, How are you?
Is there a tag to split calories tag so I can make it curved text.

Oh man, i dont think so.

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Hi dear Friend … unfortunately Facer does not have this tag

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Hi welcome back …Facer as far as I know doesn’t have a tag for this, but, others in the forum use expressions (have a search) . To achieve what you want you could have multiple copies of the result on different layers and mask the digits. I played with this once - it’s a lot of messing about but it’s better than nothing!

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The best you can do is curved text and then “normal” tag text above/bellow it.


Like these tags for steps This One Took A While To Make The Curved Text. there is no tags for calories?

sure thanks to @mrantisocialguy for these tags

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There is no tags for calories.

I’m using formulas:

walk minutes: (round(#ZSC#/95))

walk calories: (round(#ZSC#/17))

calories total: (round((((#DH#*60)+#DUm#)*1.23)+(#ZSC#/17)))


My point is that i want to separate calories like if it was 120 i want the 1, 2 , 0 all alone so i can put them in vertical way like this

Calculate calories as above.
Using your example (120)
Try -
Mask the 2 & 0 leaving the 1 unmasked
Mask the 1 & 0 leaving the 2 unmasked
Mask the 1& 2 leaving the 0 unmasked

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oh what an idea.
Thanks a lot

You can also do the math by using the formulas below.
(replace 12345 with your value…)

Example 12345 calories, then
1 use (floor(12345/10000))
2 use ((floor(2345/1000))%10)
3 use ((floor(12345/100))%10)
4 use ((floor(12345/10))%10)
5 use (12345%10)


Much better! Perhaps it’s a ‘proper’ way to do it :smiley:
I’m beginning to see the usefulness of % (Modulo)!


I Think the closest tag i used thanks

Elegant solution. Bravo! :clap: :clap:

No need for 12345, 1234 is enough, there is no way to burn 5 digits calories.
It would be great if possible, I would be thin. :upside_down_face:


I used this tag but when steps are 0 the calories burned are 838 ???

As @masterboyhr wrote in his post with the formula, it consist of two values. One is the calories burned while walking + calories burned due being alive. So depending on what time of day it is, the combined value grows even if the watch was laying on the table all the time.


If you use formula for walk calories it will be directly correlated to steps.
Steps = 0 Calories = 0
If you use formula for total calories, calories will be added depending on the time + calories burned by walking.

example: you were sleeping until 7 AM.
Your steps count is 0
your body burned about 600 calories during the sleep to keep you alive.
So, steps will be 0 but calories will be 600.

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Thanks, understand

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