[STATISTIC DATA] Almost 100 New Followers in a Week & TOP 20 Designers

Hello Everybody,

time to time I share some of my statistic data (based mostly on followers), I am collecting manually. Last articles were about the TOP 10 designers (February 2018) and about the Relative Dynamic Growth of the TOP 11 (March 2018) designers.

Today (April, 06, 2018), I would like to present you the newest TOP 20** (!) Designers at Facer***. Moreover, you will find the average follower growth and the highest follower growth per week in the graphic below.

It was a surprise for me, that it is possible to get almost 100 followers in only one week (right site).

TOP 20 Designers at Facer

(according to followers)

As a bonus here are the most user attractive designers in last 6 weeks.

Most User Attractive Designers in the last 6 Weeks

334 Tactwo Tactical
221 GRR
151 G7
149 INMotion
148 TOMAJA Design
139 tr0n09
118 wutronic
115 Predator
99 SWF
94 Waldhoff
91 Timeless Watch Faces
88 Roch: Platinum Design
79 BA Watch Faces
71 Analog Design
55 Polar Beer
52 Pacingpoet
35 Lazarus
14 Snyper Watches

The numbers before the designer name are the new followers in the last 6 weeks.

*the data from this designer (in the graphic) comes from the last 6 weeks (instead 11 weeks)

** Usually I present only the data about the TOP 10 (+1) designers, however the Best Highest Follower Growth per Week was observed at a designer from TOP 20.

*** I am choosing the TOP designers basically from the “Featured Designers” and/ or from designers who are active producers of original top listed watch faces. It could happen, that I am missing some of successful designers, so please let me know, if there is somebody I should look at. Thank you.

[UPDATE] At the place 20 should be actually designer “Dalpek” with the 223 followers. Sorry for this.


Thanks for your work!

This fine statistic shows that my direction doesn’t seem to be the wrongest one…

And i am only about 4 month in watchface-building-business…


Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Hi @GAUSS, tell us please what’s the secret formula :wink:


I don´t know. No secret recipe. I design, what i would like to have on my own smartchwatch and i like to play with possibilities.

One Question: i would like to know my ranking points in the „Most user attractive designers.“-list. Is that possible?


Great that you ask me… I am so sorry, you are actually the TOP ONE of the list.

It was my mistake during table copy I cut your name somehow… It’s already corrected above…

Here are all data I do have to your brand :wink:

Keep creating great watch faces!

Oh. That´s nice!

I thought i was lower in ranking and just wanted to know…

I will try my best to create a lot more nice watch faces. I like crafting watch faces a lot. It´s a wonderful Platform for my Fantasy and a good challenge for my Design-Skills and technical Know-how.

And i love my decision not to clone anymore any brand, because it gives me full freedom to create whatever i want to.


Phantasico aka GAUSS

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Wouldn’t syncs be a better indicator of how well designs are doing? Followers are fairly easy to collect. If you follow someone, in most cases they will follow you back.Unfortunately, I had to remove the people I was following because each morning my phone was filled with so many Facer alerts. It was rather time consuming to read all of them.

Absolutely @Linlay ! It would be great, if I could get the syncs data. I am playing with the follower numbers around, just because I can not get any other data. However, when I publish some experiences from my watch faces e.g. My Watch Face Disasters, then I do use syncs ;).

(Now, I see that you should be actually in the Top 20, sorry, it is so hard to select the right designers - Anyway, if you agree I will check your numbers as well in the future periodically)

I put some additional date here, how many other designers are followed by Top 10 at the moment (April, 06, 2018).

Tactwo Tactical …0
Waldhoff …2
tr0n09 …37
GRR …34
SWF …0
INMotion …12
G7 …0
wutronic …74
Timeless Watch Faces …6

It seems to be a moderate amount, so I do hope the influence you describe is minimal as well.

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…just to have the information about followed designers compete, here is the second part of TOP 20 (April, 09, 2018)

Predator …2
Analog Designer …36
TOMAJA Design …14
BA Watch Faces …22
pacingpoet …100
Polar Beer …4
Roch: Platinum Designs …15
Snyper Watches …0

Linlay …0
Dalpek …0

Everyone on that list is an excellent designer. You all create such tremendous designs. And this just shows why I refer to @GAUSS as the Grandmaster!!

Thanks for your work!