Step count element not working for TicWatch Pro

I have a custom watch face design which includes a Step count element. This doesn’t work on a TicWatch Pro. I’ve seen other posts (like this one [FIXED] Step counter not working on WearOS watches) which say this issue was fixed in March, but it’s not working for me. The WearOS version is the latest. On my watch face, it doesn’t even show a “0”, it’s just blank where the element should be. This same watch face works fine on a Huawei Sport 2 watch.

Hi @localgeek!

Can you try the latest beta of Facer on Google Play? It includes some tweaks to the step count which we’re hoping will solve these issues that we’re hearing happen on some Ticwatches.

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Do you mean the latest beta version of the mobile app? I don’t use an Android phone- I use an iPhone for the mobile app version. I do have the latest iOS app version installed.

I did have some issues syncing the watch face to my watch from the web site (on my computer). The watch face was an unpublished (private) one, and once it started to sync, it then just ‘hourglassed’ out. I was able to sync the same face once I published it.

I also noticed that the watch face called “Planetary 2.0” on the web site (in the “Popular” section) shows the step count correctly. Does this use a different way to show this data than my custom watch face?

Do you think the beta version of the web browser app would work if I deleted the step element and readded it?

I use a progress element with fill ratio (#ZSC#/10000) on my TicWatch Pro and is working correctly.
The steps complication is working for me too. I use the Tic health apps.
My (android) phone says I’m on:
wear OS

Glad to hear it’s working for you. I use an iPhone so iOS apps. I tried a complete factory reset on the watch, a complete uninstall of the WearOS, Facer, and Google Fit apps, to no avail. Just not working…

I also have the Mobvoi app on my phone, and as mentioned in previous post, TicHealth on the watch. There is an option in TicHealth to enable pedometer. Maybe that is required? Just trying to include things that you can compare for troubleshooting.


The issue syncing a draft face is fixed in a new Facer update rolling out to all users today. It may also fix the step issue you were seeing,

This update is what was in beta for the past week or so but you may indeed not be able to get it if you’re on an iphone (only Google Play users can get the beta I believe).