Sync problem watch faces from smartphone

Sorry but I do not sync my smartphone watchfaces. The sync icons are red, why ??

Hello i ve got exactly the same problem with Samsung s7 and gear s2 classic. Facer on my phone but nothing happens on my watch. Sync still red for 3 days now . Please help. Many Thanks

the problem of the site seems solved maybe it was under maintenance.Regards. Merry Christmas jack

Thanks but in my case it stills the same. It looks as if i need a software gear companion because nothing happens on my watch. Do i have to un install facer and download it again? Many Thanks for your help.

Please help gear s2 classic with Samsung s7 edge sync icônes still red even when i follow the issues by using a default Samsung face. Please help.

Hi @nordine.korichi, please have a look at @Gavin mega post re the dreaded red sync button:

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Hi even when i try the solution (issue 2) it stills in Rain. It is as if i have facer on my phone but nothing on my watch. Support told me to install the watch app but when i go to playstore it is written that it is already installed. Would you be so kind to send me a link so as to download facer gear companion please. I cant use it for 5 days. Please many Thanks for your help.
Samsung s7 edge and a Samsung Gear S2.


It stills in red sorry for the listage.

Good morning even with today s update it stills the same problem… Very sad i was hoping a correction but nothing… Sync icons still red. S7 edge + gear s2

In my case (S8, S3) I did the following:

  • switching watchface to any but not facer
  • switching watchface to facer

after that all icons on the facer app are blue, upload to S3 works.

Just try, maybe it helps, good luck!

Many Thanks but it still does not run. In fact this morning it turns for a moment in blue but it did not allow me to download the watches. For example now it is réd. Moreover i dont understand why i dont have the facer icon on my watch. I have the latest version. Please help

Any news please so as to work it out. Many many Thanks

I also have problem to sync from the app to my watch (Gear Sport), the sync button stays red :frowning:
I have the latest version already installed (there is no new one available)
i’m a beta tester for Facer, so i there’s something to test please let me know

Hi it does not work for one week. I really don t know what to do and i dont have answers from support. This morning New update but i still dont have facer app on my watch even if it is installed on my phone. Help help please

hi, i see there was a new version of the app for the phone, and now it works.
Only one problem sometimes it revert back to an default face?

Hi even with today s update it does not work. Worst i decid to restore completly my watch and i download the facer Last version today and it stills the same. Very disapointed very. Still dont have facer icon on my watch

@nordine You must download the facer companion app on your watch with Gear App (on your phone).
Then activate the facer watchface and open the app on your phone and chose a watchface and click on the sync button. if everything is Ok, the button will turn blue and you can sync the watchface.

Give it a try

In playstore there s no facer gear companion app even in Samsung app. Could you please send me the link. I just have facer which you install on your phone. That is my problem in fact. Is it available in France.?

Play use search in the Gear App to search for facer or use browser (try this on your phone)

Many Thanks but it is written URL error