Synchronization issues

Recently, I began to notice that changes in the state of the battery of the smartphone ceased to be reflected on the dials. After changing the dial, the battery status of the smartphone is shown correctly, but then does not change anymore…

I remember seeing in another thread someone stated that Facer does not update the phone battery percentage as often as they do the watch battery percentage. There was also this one about Android putting unused apps to sleep which caused the weather and phone battery to not update. Phone battery never updates on my Samsung Gear S3 You might do a search at the top for phone battery update and see if that other thread shows in the search results. One of the two should work as long as your not using an iPhone.

Previously, the synchronization of data on the status of the smartphone battery was regular and the indicators reflected its status. The problem appeared after updating the program. I have a bunch of Huawei P30 Pro (android 9) and Huawei Watch 2.