[tag] Analogue Clock, 12 vs. 24 hour vs. Seconds (user preference)


There is currently no way of designing an analogue clock face (or sub-clock) without implicitly choosing (one of): 1-12 (traditional, most common), 1-12 (with 24 equiv) (not as common), or 1-24 (military/railway.medical time standard). Some prefer to disregard this altogether, and not show 1-12 or 1-24 at all. Instead they would prefer 0-59 (seconds) or just marks.

Can we please have a NEW tag to return the user’s preference:


  • 0: (no numbers) (major mark, per 30° arc)
  • 1: 12-hour (1-12, per 30° arc)
  • 2: 24-hour (1-24, per 15° arc)
  • 3: seconds (00-59, per 30° arc)
  • 4: 12/24-hour (1-12, per 30° arc, but with smaller 13-24 legend)
  • 5: 24-hour (1-24, per 30° arc, showing only 12 at any time) NEW


  • Many designer watches, with 24 hour time, are actually ‘type 4’.
  • I already have a ‘type 5’ with 1650 syncs

This would be even better if the user could override the setting, either on the watch OR when selecting a face to display (on phone/tablet app.).

There should also be an equivalent tag for digital, as the #DB# tag just cripples the ability to style a clock. Unless enforced (by Facer) it would never be used.

What is Facer’s official response? @Facer_Official

This issue has already been widely discussed (mostly focused on digital) here: