Tag for rotating in milliseconds

Is there one?


Fox example: (minute hand, full rotation: 60 minutes, tick-step every 1 minute)


Which can be modified in any number of ways, including for smooth rotation.

What are you actually trying to do?

I’m just playing. I could get an object to rotate at second speed with the second tag but wanted it faster.

I used this recently: (second hand, full rotation: 10 seconds, tick-step every 1/4 seconds)


For fast rotation (of an object): (eg. ‘escape wheel’ from cogged clock mechanism)


Cheers fella. Will play with that :+1:

Ha ha that works

So i want to rotate the pulley on this engine >>

Now I have the formula I assume I need to create the pulley as a transparent gif? Is that right. I assume I can import gif’s? im guessing not animated gif’s though. I’ve seen many of you do it with cogs so i figure its my next lesson.

Till now i’ve got by with just facer & paint lol but I fear i need to crack out the old Alienware and reinstall photoshop.

You can not import transparent gif, you have to use PNG files to set transparency images…

gotcha, thank you. sorry for so many questions.

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ok, im getting there. I made a rough and ready pulley, Not the final cut because this wasnt a face on image i used, nut…anyway itson and rotating…but in reality this would make my bike go backwards. SO how do I used your tag >>


to rotate anti-clockwise :slight_smile:

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Use this #DWFSS#