Text and hands, happy together

Hi guys,
first I hope you have a really good weekend. Im confused, I swear I have read a tutorial post in which a similar doubt was solved, but I cannot find it.

I was trying to place a text next to both hands (hour and minutes) and that text should be rotating next to the hands, at the same time. Not sure if I’m explaining well. Take a look at my sample image :smiley:

And thank you guys!

Surely one of this will help you. Good luck!


Thank you Carlos!!!

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I’m interested to see what you create with this concept. The links that @carlosfilippa linked should get you to where you need to be but I thought this was interesting. I did something similar but I cheated. HAHA


ey! it looks great!! yeah, I wanted to do this: Halloween experiment I’ve been breaking my head all day long. Finally I think is nearly done. I used those links provided by @carlosfilippa but I’ve had to modify some numbers. I’m still learning how to do and I’m really having fun.

Updated: I’m wondering how you did to change the time’s position I wanted to do the same with my ghosts and my wicht

I’m glad to hear that you are having fun, that’s the best part of facing!

I’m not sure what you mean by change the position. Do you mean when it flips at 0 and 12 hours so that the numbers are not upside down?

Exactly, I think I need to create ghost for the left side. Then I should hide the normal ghost from 6 to 12 and show the left ghost instead, shouldn’t I?

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Yes you are correct, there is 2 different layers and only one visible at a time. You got this!