This content was automatically removed due to suspected copyright/trademark infringement

Hello, there is no mark, the whole graphic is mine, it has been deleted twice :frowning:

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Has to be either the title or something in the description


the title is Elegant 43 and in description: simple, I use the same title for 42 others

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Yeah, I just got hit with something from back in 2018.

The graphics are used in another watchface so it’s gotta be the description, however with the face deleted it’s hard to judge if that’s why or not.

I wish reports would include details to help narrow it down and reduce workload for everybody.

Maybe a new term added to the bot doing searches?


because our system flagged that it may be infringing on the copyrights or trademarks of these brands: Movado

One more to add to the list.
We are maintaining a wiki, where all can add their take downs.

check this thread


I’ve suggested that the auto-bot that takes them down be moved to the front of the house. Meaning when you click on publish, it’ll scan and let you know if you’re infringing on something BEFORE it lets you publish it. Also, it shouldn’t let you publish it if you are infringing. It should just leave it as a draft until you remove the infringing elements.


I’ve thought of that, so great that you’ve suggedted it!


A great idea of Rator!