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Three-quarter turn for minutes and seconds hands

Hello, everyone,
I would like to create a dial where the minute and second hands start at 00 and slowly run to 59 in minutes/seconds (counterclockwise). Arrived at 59, they should start again at 00.
After a long search, here in the forum, I found the formula for the clockwise hour hand ( (#DWFKS#*117/360-58) ).
But I can’t find anything for the counterclockwise minute and second hands…
Thanks in advance for your help…

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Just put a minus sign (-) before #DWFKS# and if that doesn’t work then make the expression (-(#DWFKS#*117/360-58))) and it should work.


Jump Hand Is what you are looking for .
Look at this .
I do not want to do the job for you .


Thank you very much @mrantisocialguy and @russellcresser
Until I finally got the idea to turn the hands around…
Oh my God… :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately, the minute and second hands don’t work on my watch (Galaxy Watch 4 Classic)! :rage: :rage:
I can’t say anything about the hours yet… :thinking:

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So it is just Syntax . Your AOD mins needs a look at .
Let us Inspect it for you .
I had one earlier . Sometimes you can look at it on the app via watch box to save you putting it on your watch .

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