Ticwatch Pro Design Contest Week 2 Theme: ⚪ PURITY ⚪ -CLOSED-

Hi there Facer community! We have seen the entries for the past week’s theme and we have to say it has been beyond spectacular. It is definitely going to be a difficult task choosing a winner from the entries. We will continue keeping you updated not just through our own socials but also through this forum, hopefully making it more accessible for all.

Quick note: We have worked together with Facer to disable premium tools for the remainder of this contest, in case any of you may feel like this gives premium designers an unfair advantage. Also, we have updated the rules, and it should be far clearer now how we will be choosing our winners.

Keep in mind the designs are meant for the Ticwatch Pro, so make your designs as “Pro” as possible :wink:

With that said, time to start designing! Enter the contest here.

:paintbrush:Design Contest Announcement!:paintbrush:

Our theme of the week has been released, and for this week, the theme is :white_circle:PURITY​:white_circle: Show off your creativity and design away!

Note: Submissions for this week end 23rd October 2018 at 2359 (PST)


This is awesome! Should be a fun theme. My only issue I am having are in the ticwatch creator, only one of my designs are showing up even though I submitted multiple. Also I cannot import my own custom made hands into the creator.

Hi @Orion!

We made a change yesterday to the TicWatch Creator to only show designs created within it and hide any face you created using the main Facer Creator. If you previously published faces from the TicWatch Creator before we made this change, don’t worry, they are still entered in the contest!

Regarding your issue with uploading custom hands - you should be able to by using the “Image” widget:

Let us know if that doesn’t work!

Okay thank you! I was really worried some of my submitted designs were not entered into the contest. Also thank you I figured out to just upload hands using Image. Works well, Was just slightly different than I was use to. Back down to designing!

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Just submitted this face for this week as it was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the theme PURITY.


Hi @all! Regarding the theme, we are excited to see the community’s interpretation of the word “Purity”, as such we won’t be defining the boundaries too much, as we would love to see the creativity the Facer community has to offer :wink:


Hello there,

here is my second watch face for the contest. Please click on :sunny: / :last_quarter_moon: icon for animation :wink:

Short gif is here as well:


Second submission for this weeks theme!


Love that one @Orion!

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Thank you! It means a lot!

Joined Facer to submit to this contest! The tools might keep me here though…


First entry for this week’s theme.

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This is my last entry for this theme!


My first entry for this week! :sunglasses:


My first entry for Ticwatch Pro

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My first entry for this week! :slight_smile:


My second entry for this week.


My first entry for this week´s theme. I hope you enjoy.

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Here my purity entree!