TicWatch S2&E2 Design Contest Week 1 Theme

Dear Facer community!

This is Mobvoi and we are here to update you on the new themes of each week for our TicWatch S2 & E2 design contest. We will keep you updated both through our own social media and through this forum.

To be eligible for the contest, please first sign up your email on our official website, and then start your design here!

:paintbrush:Design Contest Announcement!:paintbrush:

Starting the first week of design, the theme is :watch:SPACE: Let us know how you want to translate this theme in your own way and show in your design!

Submissions for this week is 22nd May at 2359 (PST)


Looking forward to this!
Where/how do we submit entries, just add to this thread?

Up above where it says “here” click that link to take you to the ticwatch creator. Any published designs in there should automatically be entered. In the past we also share our enteries here in this thread as well.


Thank you @Orion :thumbsup:

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@dubblebee yes, @Orion is correct. Any watch face submitted in the Ticwatch Creator at https://ticwatch.facer.io is automatically entered. Sharing your submissions in this thread is also encouraged, but not a requirement.


Awesome, thanks for clarifying @Facer_Official

My first ever watch face for TicWatch. I have created other watch faces before but this is the first time on this platform. Let me know what you think about my creation.


Something strange happens when trying to share from ticwatch creator, had to edit the link to show up the watchface, and the iframe is different…but here it is! Enjoy!


Here´s my entry for the “Space”-Theme. I hope you enjoy.


Edit 18 May:

I found competition rules and guidelines here:


Original post continues here

I am quite excited at the prospect of entering the competition, although looking at the quality of the past winners I’m not at all hopeful for my chances :wink:.

Having said that, I joined long after the end of the last competition so I have no idea how it works.

Are there any published rules or guidelines?

Some specific questions:

  1. If you want a face in both the competition and on Facer does that mean you have to create it twice, once in each platform?

  2. I see that the watch display windows in this thread include edit icons. Does that mean that other people can view/edit the detail of our designs?

  3. Can we test the designs on a non Tickwatch watch? And, do we need to install a new app for this?

  4. Who owns the designs, what rights do we grant by entering the competition and, in particular, do we grant a right to copy or modify our designs to anyone?

Sorry for the long list of questions; hence the reason for asking if there are published rules/guidelines :slight_smile:

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Here’s my little contribution… On DIM mode, the ISS goes to sleep, time for the space traveller to exit the station :smile:


Hi @mikeoday
I’m in much the same boat as you, joined after the last event, but here’s what I’ve learned so far.

1 & 3 - Although the mobvoi.facer.io creator publishes to the competition platform, the face you create there is also available in your normal Facer creator tool. This means you can sync to any watch you have linked to your Facer account to test.

2 - Checking on my laptop and I don’t think those Edit buttons work. I get a 404 error when clicking on them.

4 - No idea whatsoever. Would be nice to have this clarified.


Thanks for that, much appreciated.

@mikeoday & @dubblebee : I also tried from my phone, both on the forum and in the app.

In the forum, I also have the 404, and from the facer app, there’s no “edit” button, but all our contest watches are visible when you sort by newest.

Have a great week end !

My entry for the Space

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elegant and classic watch in turn, with a lot of information. with 3 3-pointed stars representing 3 polar stars


We need to “publish” to enter ?

Yep, @slaunay109!

Here´s my first entry for the “Space”-Theme. :slight_smile:


First entry for this theme!