TicWatch S2&E2 Design Contest Week 1 Theme

Here’s my first entry for space theme !
top digits are hours bottom digits are minutes , enjoy!

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Apollo 11 - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Watch

( TicWatch S2 Glacier )

This Apollo 11 watch commemorates the 50th anniversary of first landing on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969.

Pride of place in the bottom centre of the watch is a view of the moon through a reconstruction of the command module’s Crew Optical Alignment Sights (COAS). In 1969 this was a key tool for confirming correct navigation, on this watch the COAS shows the moon as it changes phase during the month and the outer progress bar indicates the degree of illumination.

Other features of the watch include an equation of time dial ( top ), watch battery and steps dials and digital LCDs values for ( clockwise from top left ) hours, sunrise, sunset, minutes, steps, date, month and battery charge %.

I hope you enjoy this commemorative watch.


3rd and final entry for me:


{ EDIT: This post became quite long as I worked through a problem. I have now reduced it to just the findings … }

Hi Marcus

There appears to be a problem …

It looks like there is an issue with the way the TicWatch development web site handles a font.

Here is the font displayed correctly on the web page:

and here is the font as it ends up on the watch

The same test watch build on the Facer website works ok, it is just the TicWatch one that does not.

The problem font is the Patopian 1986 regular font.

My entry for the Space contest.
Toggle the Dim mode to see the loading effects.


Very nice! I really like the concept and the wonderful implementation. Well done an another great design :+1:

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Thanks Mike, that’s very kind of you.
I’ve only just taken the time to view the other entries. Yours is really classy, a great blend of analogue & digital. Nice one!


Cheers, thanks for that - much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Second entry
Real full moon photo with useful data!!!

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My 2nd entry…
More light-hearted this one.


My second and last entry for this week. 2 versions, matching to the watch bands. I hope you enjoy this “spacy” thing. It´s all free.

Greetings, GAUSS.


My last entry for this week :slight_smile:
Toggle dim mode on/off to see the animation.

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Very nice! I particularly like the white face on the white watch.

It is a pity we don’t have that TicWatch model available on the Facer platform!

Yes - the white one is my favourite, too. Looks so “NASA” … :wink:

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Here’s my first entry for this week:

O2 and H2O are the watch and phone battery level.

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Here’s my 2d contribution !
Had lots of fun to create this one :slight_smile:
If you’re afraid of the dark, don’t worry, you have your friend in DIM mode :wink:

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Hi everyone, excited to see all the submissions! Since this design contest is for TicWatch S2&E2, if you happen to design on the Pro or C2, we’d suggest you also provide a version on the TicWatch S2 or TicWatch E2!


this looks cool! can you also provide one design with the S2 model?