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TicWatch S2&E2 Design Contest Week 3 Theme

:man_technologist: Design Contest Announcement! :man_technologist:

The final theme for our watch face design contest is TEAM SPIRIT. Show everyone how awesome your sports team is and design on!

To qualify for this contest, make sure to subscribe to Mobvoi newsletter here
then head over to here to design your watch face!

Note: Submissions for final theme ends on June 5th 2019 at 23:59 (PST)

Thank you everybody for submitting your designs, we are looking at those even past deadlines!

As some of you asking about the Facebook vote, actually our weekly vote is a way to engage with the audience and does not represent any final results.

We will announce all the winners during the final week after we get all the submissions from the contest.

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I don’t think I understand the real meaning of this theme.
Must it be a sport team design or can it have a more philosophical meaning like teamwork?

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Hey both understanding works! it can be meaning a sports team or more philosophical meaning like teamwork or partner up.


Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Hands always ready to give. The team grows one by one until we reach the goal

Ok. It took me some time to find the type of sports that stands perfect for team spirit imhO. So letΒ΄s go to the races. This is my first motorsport themed watch face with a stopwatch function i created. I hope you enjoy it.


This one took me longer to create but one of the best designs I have ever made so far.


Wonderful! I love the wheel design. And the banner is fantastic. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much . The wheel took a lot time to create and to render but i think it was worth it.

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Certainly worth it - it looks great!

Australian Rules Football. The mighty Saints. St Kilda Foot Ball Club. The Red white and black. Awesome watch face, steps, battery, weather and date.


Fantastic! Congratulations! Wow!!!

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Thank you!

Hello everybody! Here is my watchface design which I named Companion. This is my view of how your gadget turnes to be your team member.


Very nice!

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I like it a lot and cool interpretation! :+1:

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Race team 1


race team 2