[TOMAJA Statistic Data] Big TOP 30 Designers* Overview

Hi There!

Time to time I do a big overview about more that the TOP 10* and today (July 13, 2018) is the day :wink:

TOP 10

TOP 20

TOP 30

Here are all listed designers I’m tracking at the moment:

Tactwo Tactical, GRR, Waldhoff, tr0n09, MVMT, G7, INMotion, SWF, GAUSS, wutronic, TOMAJA Design, Timeless Watch Faces, Predator, Analog Designer, BA Watch Faces, Roch: Platinum Design, Polar Beer, Pacingpoet, LetsDream, Kamensek Timepieces, LAZARUS, JCBrotherss, Dalpek, Linlay, MAPL Design, Tiktok, John Morga, Snyper Watches, TJonathan, HaDe, RK Design, Mellin, anj, Stephanie Carls, Orakix, ADI’S DESIGN, Philippe, Q.F.L. Watch Faces

*This unofficial TOMAJA TOP 10/ 30 Designers Chart based on the total followers number of featured and premium designers at the Facer platform. Please enjoy this date very carefully, especially at the places TOP 15 and more. If you know somebody who actually should be in the ranking, please write me a comment or a private massage and I will add this designer for the next TOMAJA Statistic Data post.


What do you think about Luro117. It has almost 1000 observers and this number is still growing, also several of his ideas are really interesting.

Congratz to the top 30…The members I’m sure, truly appreciates all your hard work , dedication and awesome skills. Keep those Faces coming . Again Congratz !!!


Wow, I didn’t realise I was at 16! Woohoo! Thank you so much for compiling this data @Tomas, you are an absolute legend :slight_smile:


Good question, I was tracking Luro117 for a while, but he is not a “featured designer” and the has a lot of non original watch faces.


Gratz to the top 30! However it appears as if I need to get back to work! Lol thank you for tracking my/our data though, it’s very helpful.


Thanks a lot for your work, @Tomas!

Congrats to the next place :wink:

Thank you!

WOW, it’s great to be in this good community. Thank you!

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Hi @syntaxracing there is a gap of 103 followers (July 13, 2018) for you to reach top 30… Let’s repeat your best week, where you almost double your followers :wink: … it would mean a jump to the position 27 immediately :wink:

Well I’m certainly trying my best. Haha. That jump was largely due to winning the contest and being featured all month. I’m still steadily getting followers but not as fast as I was. There’s a few things I’m working on publishing but I’m running onto problems where the functions are working perfect in the creator but when synced to my watches the text isn’t appearing. Hopefully I’ll figure that out soon so I can actually publish some new content.

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Yeah! You are the Winner :wink: If you think, that I could maybe help you with something, please just let me know :wink:

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congrats on the contest win by the way!!


Thank you John!