[TOMAJA Statistic Data] TOP 10 Designers* Development During the Last 6 Month

Hi All,

in the following graphic you could find the actual TOP 10 Designers* (Tactwo Tactical, GRR, Waldhoff, G7, tr0n09, MVMT, INMotion, SWF, GAUSS & wutronic) and how they performed in the last 6 month.

Actually, the highest growth could be observed at the leader TacTwo Tactical all the time. The second highest growth could be seen at GAUSS, who jumped into TOP 10 in less than 6 month from zero (!). GRR and G7 (as well INMotion and tr0o09) are on the best way to reach more and more new followers every week.

*This unofficial TOMAJA Statistic Data based on the total followers number of featured and premium designers at the Facer platform. Please enjoy this date carefully. If you know somebody, who actually should be in the ranking, please write me a comment or a private massage and I will add this designer for the next TOMAJA Statistic Data post.