[TOMAJA Watch Face] Customizable Color, Material & Contrast ;)

Here is a new watch face with a lot of possibilities to actually design almost own military watch face…

Many thanks to Bob, who share the idea about high contrast with me.


Great work!

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Really like this watch face. The customization is perfect.

But why is there „Tag Heuer“ in the display?

Where do you see it @GAUSS… are you sure you are commenting right thread? :slight_smile:

Hmmm… now there is the text „New Balance“.

It‘s down below in the Main display above the coloured circles.

Very nicely done, I know 2 guys that would LOVE this. I will pass the info on and hopefully they have a smart watch hahah

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Aaa… this is the brand name (device manufacturer) of watch you are wearing, Sorry, I forgot it’s there!

tag #ZMANU# :wink: all clear

Okay! :slight_smile:

…usually in the process I’m working on the watch face, there is “FACER”…