Unfollowing Partners


Sadly I have decided to Unfollow the Partners I have followed in the Past. I am fed up with their Publication Notifications Swamping my List. I know it is not their Fault and it is not deliberate .

Much like others I have followed I do not want my Notifications swamped due to multiple Publications per day . I want to see the Notifications of those who I am Interested .

I am making a list of the Ones I am Unfollowing so I can restore them at some date.

Please forgive .


Is that one of the Rules then you have to follow Partner accounts ? I was wondering how to become a partner I have stats that meet the requirements in a very short time just few months.

3.1K Follows
100 Faces with over 10 hitting NO1 on the chars and 90% of them are in the top 100.

I very often have higher placed faces then the partners with 100K+ followers.

What do I need to do to sell on this platform then the stats above , I even have them wearing my faces I noticed its a mystery to me.

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No not at all. I follow quite a few. The topic is more of a Dirty Protest really. Sady if you Do become a Partner I will have to unfollow you. Well untill they sort the Notiifications out.

sadly as you have several copyright material faces you will not be able to be a partner

Very understandable, I constantly get duplicate notifications for the same publication as well, which completely throws off the number of my own notifications. Seems to be a Facer system bug.

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This time it was just 5 times, but if I followed more than one partner, it would sometimes wipe all notifications about my own faces…

somehow we ceased to count back then


Sad to hear that @russellcresser !

The Facer Team is aware of that bug and is working on it. If you have sent a support request, don’t hesitate to share the ID number and I can escalate it internally.

Enjoy Facer!


@riczurdo Facer Staff . Respect to you for responding here . No I have not sent a Support Request . I stopped doing that over a Year ago . You will know from my Profile I am not Anti Facer . Many have done what I have outlined . They have just not declared it . You will see I have also Included The other forms of Swamping . I know Facer is up against it with OS system changes and the Apple Relationship . However I think the systems Guy they employed recently should have a look at this Bug . It has been over a year now . BTW I am just about to subscribe so I can work on WOS3 Watches Properly and Who Knows one Day I might be one of those partners Swamping the Notifications .
While you are there . Did I read somewhere that Partners were expected to make some sort of contribution to the Community . Or was that in the Old Days . As I said thanks for joining in .
BTW I hope you read the bit where I said I am making a List of those I Unfollow for Obvious Reasons . More Sadly I love their work .


Yes, I read it! I hope the team fix this soon, I’ve heard they are on it and probably fixed soon, so you can add your favourite designers again!


Respect . Thank you . Really appreciate your Contribution .

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@Facer_Official. I have Eleven Partners Unfolloed now . I am very Sad about that. I love thier work. However I am missing my personal Notifications as they are swamped. Especialy on Sunday Evening.

You Fixed the Moon. Why can’t you fix that. :first_quarter_moon_with_face::+1:

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Yes, would appreciate a fix soon too. It is annoying…

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They chose to fix the moon not because it was easy, but because it was hard. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
(to paraphrase)


Ha Ha . Brilliant :::)))

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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