Watch Face - Tidal Clock (Beta)(Testors Needed)

This is a BETA - For Testing Only. It must be Callibrated! WearOS only! I have an older Tizen watch so I can’t completely test it myself.

This watch face is intended to show the high/low tides for your area. To callibrate, google up the high tide time for your area, then Sync the watch face at exactly the high tide time. From then on, the daily high/low tides and their forecast should be graphed on the watch face. It is possible that over a few months time it can become slightly uncallibrated. Simply re-callibrate it by re-installing the face at the exact time of high tide.

I beleive this will only work for WearOS watches only, but I need testors. There is a bug in older Samsung watches that will cause the watch to continuously show a high tide, but it should work on the newest Samsung v4 and later. This bug is identified in the following thread:

Also shown is the daily sunrise, sunset, moon phase & weather conditions. Battery level is graphed below the tidal wave.

Seperately, I have released a geographically fixed version for my older Tizen Galaxy Watch. I have been testing this for almost 2 months now and it is working great. I found this very helpfull recently for tidal salmon river fishing. Others might find it useful for boating or surfing. But unless you are in Vancouver Canada, it won’t be much use for you.

If you have an older Tizen Watch and would find this usefull in other locations, let me know and I can probably whip up a customized version for you.


I would love to Beta test for you but I am on Tizen I am afraid. If you would like me to look at your Tidal Clock Locked. I actually live Near Newlyn Cornwall where GB Mean Sea Level is calibrated and the Tides are very much in Sync with the Moon Phases. Battery Level indicator please I am charging twice a day while testing stuff.


Thanks @russellcresser for volunteering to test. If you think you need it, I’ll be hapy to make a Tizen version for you. But if you are only interested in testing, I really only need WearOS testers… But there honestly isn’t allot of interest in this face, or it is working for people, kinda hard to tell… :thinking:

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Hi Brad . I am busy enough at he moment. Love the last face but I am struggling with what I am doing . I will see If I have time to look at it . Please don’t make a Tizen version for now. Great work . Good Science.

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