[Watch Faces] Several new ones I created

This first one only shows well when you turn the watch face on, as the bricks fall into the numbers. Just looking at it in the preview doesn’t do much justice… Turning AOD Mode on & then off a few times in the preview sort of works in making the bricks fall. It works much better on the watch…

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Gee, I just got a takedown notice from Facer that my Falling Time face was removed… Since it was based off such an old 1980s NES game, I figured anything fan related in good spirit for something so old was ok, as there are many on here. Maybe my version was too reallistic???
Lot’s of work went into that… How disapointing…

Do you think if I re-created it without the castle and trade name, and just called it block time, would it be considered ok?

There’s a good chance if you just renamed it you’d be ok. And leave out any potential triggering words out of the description too. Almost certainly it was the words used not the face itself that triggered the bots.

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I re-did my animated font Falling Time face and am calling it Time Drop. I tried to make it as generic as possible, without the loss of the key feature. @Facer_Official - is this generic enough to not get me in trouble & avoid a takedown, or should I just keep this to myself and not publish it? I’d also like to update my animated font tutorial, but not sure if I should.


Animated Font sounds cool, update it and leave us a link here please mate :grinning:

@icrltd4 , well the tutorial is here, but for now it has some holes in it since this takedown notice…